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TWICE – Dance the Night Away

TWICE – Dance the Night Away


TWICE - Dance the Night Away

About TWICE – Dance the Night Away:

Popular K-pop girl group TWICE returned with their latest single “Dance the Night Away”. Their new single, of the year is an EDM and pop track that bounces around over a beat of thumping bass, bright horns, and blaring synths. Like all their songs, the latest incorporates an earworm of a hook, with this one the cheerful declaration of, “Let’s dance the night away” over the dynamic melody.

“Dance the Night Away” is one of three new tracks dropped on the girl group’s Summer Nights album, an extended reissue of the group’s April EP What Is Love? Along with the single, Nights also features the bubbly tropical vibe of “Chillax” and “Shot Thru the Heart.”

Take a listen to TWICE – Dance the Night Away down below






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