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Maverick Sabre – Slow Down Free MP3 Download

Maverick Sabre Grabs Jorja Smith For New Single “Slow Down” Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith are oh so complimentary.

Maverick Sabre - Slow Down Free MP3 Download

About Maverick Sabre – Slow Down:

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from Jorja Smith – and trust me I’m on the lookout. The UK singer dropped off her debut album Lost & Found on June 8th, 2018 and since then she’s been touring and collaborating with brands, becoming more than just a singer, but rather a woman who’s making her name reach further than just her home continent.

Jorja has now accompanied another UK crooner, Maverick Sabre, on his new single “Slow Down,” coming off his upcoming EP of the same name. The song is definitely a nice one and the video (directed by Rashid Babiker) is also a nice addition with its moody aesthetic thanks to London’s East End.

“The video inspired by the lyrics in the song represents two people, both in a similar experience expressing honestly, unfiltered, how they feel,” Maverick said, via Clash Music. “The question we wanted to leave open was whether these 2 characters in the story are connected or not and if that even matters, what does is no matter what experience/situation you are in there is someone else who is feeling the exact same way.”

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