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Samm Henshaw – Church Free MP3 Download

EarthGang Join Samm Henshaw For Soulful Anthem “Church” Venus and Dot add their voices to Samm Henshaw’s congregation.

Samm Henshaw - Church Free MP3 Download

About Samm Henshaw – Church:

In the wake of the creative jubilance that was the Revenge Of The Dreamers III studio sessions, EarthGang have hit the ground running. The Atlanta-based duo of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been hard at work contributing to their label’s upcoming compilation, finessing the details of their upcoming MirrorLand album, and holding it down for the homie Samm Henshaw on a new feature. Today marks the arrival of “Church,” Henshaw’s latest soulful endeavor, the rare yet dangerous combination of a feel-good banger.

Naturally, the subject matter will speak to those of a religious background, who no doubt experienced Church services as part of their Sunday morning ritual. Vocally, Henshaw keeps the spirit alive, holding it down over a bouncy, radio-friendly instrumental. Dot and Venus round out the single with a verse apiece, bringing a welcome dose of character and charisma through a presence both vocal and animated. If you aren’t watching for these two, you oughta start reevaluating a few things. Peep the single now, and stay tuned for a big EarthGang announcement, arriving in the imminent future.

Take a listen to The song down below:






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Quotable Lyrics

Granny told me when you get your blessings, church want ten percent
They had your back when you was down, don’t forget
Hold up wait, holy ghost bullet ricochet
Took some time to pray
When I’m in the streets today, make the devil stay away


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