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Russ – Missin You Crazy Free MP3 Download


Russ - Missin You Crazy Free MP3 Download

About Russ – Missin You Crazy:

The 4th track on Russ’ Zoo project has been stripped down to the bare minimum. The acoustic version of “Missin You Crazy” comes complete with a light instructional prelude, and video of him performing the bare song in his private studio. What makes the acoustic so special: according to Russ is the layer of finger-picking to add “optimal percussive hits.”

Beyond the stylistic adds, the song’s theme doesn’t venture too far off-road. Russ still, rues his former flame to the tune of three and a half minutes of dream-mustering. He rues the times of old – when smoking didn’t come at such a cost. The figure-less love interest is someplace else in the present, while Russ manages to trudge along. To his credit, Russ was recently named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list as it pertains to musicians in 2019. But none of that resonates in the mind of a nostalgic thinker like Russ when the relentless grind is postponed until tomorrow.

Take a listen to The song down below:






Missin-You-Crazy Mp3 320 Free Download





Quotable Lyrics:

Picking up an eighth that my homie go
Fuckin’ in the car, that’s the only spot
Back when I felt more free, back when I smoked more weed
Back when I drove up and down 92,
With a view of the moon and you in my passenger seat.


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