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    KXNG Crooked – 96 GS Free MP3 Download

    KXNG Crooked Kicks Off Hip-Hop Weekly With “96 GS” KXNG Crooked’s lyricism shines in season opener of “Hip-Hop Weekly.”

    KXNG Crooked - 96 GS Free MP3 Download

    About KXNG Crooked – 96 GS:

    Earlier this week, KXNG Crooked vowed to renew a dormant tradition, once again bringing his acclaimed “Hip-Hop Weekly” series to the release calendar. Today, the Long Beach icon has decided to set it off, with a sense of punctuality not often seen in the rap game. The first chapter, “96 GS,” arrives on the heels of a warm-up loosie titled “The Old Me.” While that one found Crook on a more relaxed tip, this immediately takes on a cinematic vibe. “I started off in an old Toyota, switching lanes comfortably,” spits Crook, in the opening lines. “Yeah it’s back different day, same fuckery.”

    He proceeds to paint a picture of his come up, before unleashing some scathing bars for a societal hypocrite. “Some see abortion as brutality, but they don’t care if the police force academy leave me a corpse and a casualty,” raps Crooked. “Never see me taking pictures with a Robocop, if you see a photo opp, n***a that’s photoshop.” As the track progresses, Crook picks up momentum, unleashing effortless lyrics few rappers can match. Check out the opening chapter now, and welcome back Crook!

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    Layzie Bone – Annihilation Free MP3 Download

    Layzie Bone Comes For Migos Again On “Annihilation” Layzie Bone doubles down.

    Layzie Bone - Annihilation Free MP3 Download

    About Layzie Bone – Annihilation:

    Layzie Bone is enjoying the success that he’s achieving by dissing Migos. In fact, Layzie’s name could hardly be found within any relevant news on top publications for years. That all changed when Layzie dissed Migos, making him a trending topic almost immediately. The Migos members mostly ignored all the drama, but Offset did voice his opinion on the matter. 21 Savage also opined about the situation, which earned him the scorn of Layzie as well. Now, after dropping “Let Me Go Migo” Layzie has returned with a second diss record.

    “Annihilation” goes for the kill, but I don’t think Layzie realizes just how ineffective his diss songs are to the bigger picture. He teased the diss song on social media earlier in the week, and the final version has arrived on streaming platforms. Unlike “Let Me Go Migo,” “Annihilation” sounds like Layzie took his time constructing this one. Still, there’s a slim chance he’ll receive the response he’s looking for.

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    Future – Crushed Up Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Future Drops New Banger “Crushed Up” With Music Video. Future Hendrix returns.

    Future - Crushed Up Free MP3 Download

    About Future – Crushed Up:

    Earlier on Thursday (January 3), Future teased fans by deleting all his Instagram posts. The social media clearing is a telltale sign that an artist is about to drop new music. Future fans began to speculate that a new album would be dropping that night, and the ATLien posted a countdown on his Instagram Story that further fueled the speculation. Fans noted that Beast Mode, Purple Reign, and F.B.G.: The Movie were all released near the start of new years. As soon as the countdown hit midnight, a new single titled “Crushed Up” by Future Hendrix appeared on all streaming services. A music video for the track also arrived.

    “Crushed Up” is produced by Wheezy and is an immediate banger. Unlike any of the multiple leaks that hit the web last year, this Future single sounds polished to perfection. His vocals are mixed immaculately over calming synths. The kicks on the instrumental will cause you to nod your head the moment they drop and the addicting chorus is already stuck in my head. Stream “Crushed Up” on the streaming platform of your choice, peep the music video for the track, and let us know if you’re feeling Future‘s latest single.

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    Kidd Kidd – Downtown Vibes Free MP3 Download

    Kidd Kidd Slides Through With New Freestyle “Downtown Vibes” Kidd Kidd remix’s Meek Mill’s banger.

    Kidd Kidd - Downtown Vibes Free MP3 Download

    About Kidd Kidd – Downtown Vibes:

    Kidd Kidd is making a splash with his latest freestyle. The New Orleans artist was one of the first to join Lil Wayne’s Young Money label years ago, but ended up making his way over to 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew after an up-and-down career. Kidd Kidd is kicking off 2019 with a new freestyle, choosing to put his best foot forward in the New Year. He hops on Meek Mill‘s banger “Uptown Vibes” and remixes the title to “Downtown Vibes.”

    Kidd delivers his signature slick talk over the Latin sounding instrumental. The freestyle doesn’t sound like it was mixed professionally, so Kidd Kidd’s vocals sound rough but luckily his bars are on point. This isn’t going to be the freestyle of the year, but it’s a step in the right direction for Kidd before he drops his next project.

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    benny blanco – I Found You / Nilda’s Story Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Miguel Guests On Benny Blanco & Calvin Harris’ “I Found You/Nilda’s Story” “I Found You” gets some stripped-down vocals from Miguel.

    benny blanco - I Found You / Nilda's Story Free MP3 Download

    About benny blanco – I Found You / Nilda’s Story:

    In early December, Benny Blanco released his new project with Juice WRLD, Ty Dolla $ign, and others. The producer has been looked at as one of the most talented hitmakers in the industry and now, he’s making his name as a solo artist, enlisting all of the top stars on his ride. “I Found You” was initially released with vocals from Calvin Harris and he remains on the new version but the track is much more smooth with Miguel’s inclusion.

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    Russ – Nobody Knows Free MP3 Download

    Russ Throws Up The ? On “Nobody Knows” Russ’ new ep shows off the depths of his musical repertoire.

    Russ - Nobody Knows Free MP3 Download

    About Russ – Nobody Knows:

    “Nobody Knows” soundly resonates as the crucial moment a detestable character begins to be seen in a different light. Now I’m not saying that I dislike Russ, or that anyone does for that matter – but on “Nobody Knows” shows us the aching vulnerability he’s only been able to describe in passing moments. And to think, this song wasn’t good enough to make the final cut on his September release ZOO, as he purported himself in a surprise Twitter announcement yesterday.

    “Nobody Knows,” one of three leftover songs rebranded as the Just In Case EP, tells the tale of an individual juggling the good and the bad that comes out self-validation and loneliness. The rest of the EP, although seemingly heartful, fails to capture this idea of social (media) isolation quite as succinctly, due to the noted re-emergence of his “rapping-self.” It’s been a couple decades since Russ defended “the culture” against the constant headache of “Rap is Crap” chants on elementary school playgrounds. It made him the headstrong artist he is today.

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    Justin Snow – I’m Sorry Free MP3 Download

    Justin Snow Returns With “I’m Sorry” Your favorite slasher is back.

    Justin Snow - I'm Sorry Free MP3 Download

    About Justin Snow – I’m Sorry:

    Double entendres in hand, Justin Snow has come off his musical hiatus to deliver on the full-length listen of his latest “I’m Sorry” single.

    Per usual, the masked artist is still out for metaphorical blood, slaying your favorite Instagram lookers as the premise to atmospheric outputs in which he outlines the process in which your girl somehow ends up being his latest victim: “She gave it up so easy believe me.”

    This year, Snow unleashed a segmented effort with his Body Count EP and continues to cater to a rapidly-growing social fanbase that follows his every slay. He’s reportedly due for a full-length album sometime next year, but any concrete details just wouldn’t quite fit the bill.

    For now, get acquainted with “I’m Sorry.”

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    Snoop Dogg – 3 Ho’s For The Holidays Free MP3 Download

    Snoop Dogg Channels “Pimp Clause” On “3 Ho’s For The Holidays” Snoop Dogg drops off some Christmas cheer.

    Snoop Dogg - 3 Ho's For The Holidays Free MP3 Download

    About Snoop Dogg – 3 Ho’s For The Holidays:

    Santa Clause’s signature bellow of “ho, ho, ho,” has long lent itself to the hip-hop vernacular. In that sense, it was inevitable that the legendary Snoop Dogg would reimagine the wholesome slogan for his own pimpish devices. Today, on Christmas Eve, Snoop comes through with “3 Ho’s For The Holidays,” a slick triple XXX-Mas banger for the whole family. The track kicks off with an amusing skit, in which a young child rattles off his wishlist, which includes a “scientist set,” “Venom toys,” and the titular 3 hos.

    The instrumental soon sets a smooth vibe, the perfect backdrop for Snoop, C.S. Armstrong, and Lil Half Dead to deliver some yuletide vibes. “All I want for Christmas is my baby, boss lady, that’s my Tay-Tay,” spits Snoop. “We can lay around and sip a cup of eggnog, light a fireplace and snuggle up on Doggy Dogg.”  Clearly, though his image may be that of a twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five mack, Snoop is no stranger to the lost art of romance. Happy holidays from the Doggfather and the Fredwreck Rkestra.

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    Post Malone – Wow. Free MP3 Download

    Post Malone’s “Wow” Is A Melodic Banger Just In Time For Christmas. Post Malone surprises us with a brand new single, “Wow.”

    Post Malone - Wow. Free MP3 Download

    About Post Malone – Wow.:

    Post Malone delivered beerbongs & bentleys back in April, although he’s remained a streaming darling thanks to the replay value of his sophomore album, combined with the features he’s doled it; most recently, he appeared on 21 Savage’s i am > i was album with “all my friends.” He’s back today, with solo material, and not just that, it appears to be a proper single. The rapper/country singer/whatever you’d like to call him did say he would release a new song by the end of the month, and we are officially in “end of the month” territory, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

    The song comes complete with animated visuals that perfectly play into Christmas (or Post’s version, which includes a tatted up, gold-grill-wearing Santa, Christmas trees with beer cans as ornaments, guitar-smashing elves and fire-breathing reindeer). It’s melodic, catchy, and you’ll definitely hear this on the radio, in like, two minutes. It starts off innocently enough with a little bass plucking, but it really becomes a banger when the drums kick in. We can thank Louis Bell and Frank Dukes for the masterful beat.

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    Russ – Alright Free MP3 Download

    Russ Takes To Gently Weeping Guitars On “Alright” Russ opens up on the emotional “Alright.”

    Russ - Alright Free MP3 Download

    About Russ – Alright:

    Despite being faced with his fair share of adversity, Russ has written, rapped, produced, mixed, and mastered his way to the top. The end result manifested with an impressive spot atop Forbes 30 Under 30, highlighting the young artist’s growing business acumen. Now, the rapper has come through with a new surprise EP titled Just In Case, which finds him baring his soul across three heartfelt compositions. The closer, “Alright,” positions itself as an open letter, and finds Russ channeling a Pinkerton era Weezer of sorts.

    The production appears to center around the presence of live instrumentation, chiefly guitars; it’s entirely possible that they were, in fact, also manned by Russ. Taking to some vaguely overdriven arpeggios, Russ sings a melancholic melody, wishing his pain would “commit suicide.” He also shouts out his mother, whom he deems the shining beacon in his life. “Thank you mom, you’re the only thing that keeps me here,” he raps. “I bought depression on the low, but it wasn’t cheap this year.”

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