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    Derin Falana – YKWIA (You Know Where I’m At) Free MP3 Download

    Derin Falana Shares “YKWIA” Track. Derin Falana doubles down in “YKWIA.”

    Derin Falana - YKWIA (You Know Where I'm At) Free MP3 Download

    About Derin Falana – YKWIA:

    After taking a hiatus to the tune of six months, Toronto’s Derin Falana returned this season with a host of smooth new sections for our listening pleasure.

    After arriving in September with his “End Of Summer Freestyle” and Say You Love Me,” Falana has come through to drop off his latest “YKWIA (You Know Where I’m At)” track.

    Produced by Anthony Bastion, YKWIA is a two-part offering that finds Falana resulting to a more moody and delicate output, once more displaying just how far he can push the craft.

    When you’re done with this one, be sure to revisit the most recent offerings of Derin Falana’s catalog. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can also catch the upstart hitting the stage with Freddie Gibbs on November 19th.

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    Lil Wayne – Hasta La Vista Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Wayne Grabs Tay Keith For His “Hasta La Vista” Bonus Cut. Lil Wayne bids good riddance to his bedfellows.

    Lil Wayne - Hasta La Vista Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Wayne – Hasta La Vista:

    Lil Wayne‘s Carter V was evidently not a “rushed effort,” let’s make that abundantly clear. While it took years to see daylight, it appears Lil Wayne wasn’t done messing with the album’s structure, when it dropped at the end of September. As we reported, Weezy added 3 previously unheard songs to the album’s tracklist: “What About Me” featuring Post Malone, “In This House” with Gucci Mane, and finally, “Hasta La Vista,” a monumental Tay Keith beat he wisely kept to himself.

    On “Hasta La Vista,” talks about his many fleeting arrangements with women not named Nicki Minaj. One day he might be “locked in” with his lover, and then pouff, back to hedonism he goes for a longer stretch. If the original composition of Tha Carter V wasn’t enough, hearing Weezy spit at a frenetic pace, over a highly-coercive beat should bring a smile to your face. Tay Keith’s one trick hasn’t grown stale as of yet.

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    Big K.R.I.T. – Knocking At My Door Free MP3 Download

    Big K.R.I.T. & David Banner Stay Livid On “Knocking At My Door” 9th Wonder has some wolves for friends.

    Big K.R.I.T. - Knocking At My Door Free MP3 Download

    About Big K.R.I.T. – Knocking At My Door:

    There’s something refreshing about hearing something for the first time, after staving away from sensory delight for months if not years. A case for the type of rekindled joy I just described can be made for several aspects of this new “Knocking At My Door” record, off Jamla Is the Squad II.

    “Knocking At My Door” is but one of many “atomic” performances on the Jamla compilation, and thus stood a good chance of being overlooked by the casual listener. At first, I was drawn to names like J.I.D, Rapsody, and J. Cole, because they all figure in the current conversation of who’s hot and who’s not. But as history teaches us, you’ll never force a King off his throne without a little resistance.

    We all know, Big K.R.I.T. is a menace when he chooses to be. The same can be said for David Banner, but he’s a bit of a “born-again Christian” in view of his career arc, biting into the apple for a moment, then spitting it out.

    How do you feel about “Knocking At My Door?”

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    Diggy Simmons – Love Yourself Free MP3 Download

    Diggy Simmons Wants To Know: Do You “Love Yourself”? Diggy Simmons issues a self-love PSA on “Love Yourself.”

    Diggy Simmons - Love Yourself Free MP3 Download

    About Diggy Simmons – Love Yourself:

    In case you missed it, Diggy Simmons made his official return after a six-year hiatus with his most recent Lighten Up album, signaling a literal and figurative new chapter for the 23-year old Simmons.

    Previously, Diggy offered up four singles in the form of lead track “It Is what It Is,” “Goin,” “Text Me,” and “Anchors,” all delivering on a more stripped-down version of the emcee in comparison to his Unexpected Arrival debut in 2012—a representation of just what the project’s title means.

    “It’s a reminder to myself,” Diggy tells VIBEof the new album. “A positive affirmation to myself and to other people just to not take yourself too seriously […] I feel like in that process of us becoming better people and becoming better at our crafts, we have to lighten up and not be so hard on ourselves.”

    That mentality carries over throughout the track listing and is especially amplified on “Love Yourself,” which arrives in the second half of the album as Diggy challenges woman of interest to appreciate who she is in juxtaposition to society’s social media’s standards of beauty. The same jazzy undertones are present in this cut as Diggy continues to push a smoother delivery on Lighten Up.

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    Lil Wayne – In This House Free MP3 Download

    Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane Got Some Hoes “In This House”  We have a new Wayne and Gucci banger.

    Lil Wayne - In This House Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Wayne – In This House:

    Lil Wayne quietly added three bonus tracks to Tha Carter V on Friday (November 9), and Gucci Mane tagged along for the club anthem “In This House.” The new single samples Frank Ski’s classic “There’s Some Hoes In This House,” and Wayne and Gucci flip it into one of the hardest hitting bangers of 2018.

    Gucci kicks the song off with a slick verse before Wayne slaughters the rest of the track. The mix of Wayne’s verses are interesting, to say the least. Tunechi’s voice is run through a filter that adds a rough reverb and delay to his bars. The sound is a direct contrast to Gucci’s verse, giving the song an uneven vibe sonically. The mixing doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the single, and actually gives it a mixtape vibe.

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    Lil Wayne – What About Me Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Wayne Drops The Post Malone Assisted Mix To “What About Me”  The rumored Post Malone collab is here.

    Lil Wayne - What About Me Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Wayne – What About Me:

    Post Malone recorded a last-minute appearance on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter V, but it wasn’t included on the album when it was released. It seemed as if the collaboration would disappear forever, with Sosamann filling in for Post on the song. Without warning though, Wayne sneakily uploaded three bonus tracks for Tha Carter V, and Post’s verse on “What About Me” has replaced Sosamann’s on the latest version of the single.

    Post performs a riveting and emotional second verse that sounds more at home on the record than the previous recording. He sings about a love that left him scarred, and his quivering vocals add a level of depth to his words. Although his feature is minimal, it gives the track a fresh vibe that increases the replay value.

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    Sade – The Big Unknown Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Sade Drops Off “The Big Unknown” From The “Widows” Soundtrack. Sade blesses the world.

    Sade - The Big Unknown Free MP3 Download

    About Sade – The Big Unknown:

    Widows hits theaters on November 16. The star-studded film stars Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Kaluuya, Colin Farrell, Jon Bernthal, Brian Tyree Henry and more. Steve McQueen directs the film, and Hans Zimmer will handle the music for the movie. If all those famous names don’t do it for you, Zimmer has dropped off their first single from the film, which is performed by Sade.

    Sade is a queen in every regard, and hearing her impressive vocals mesh with the melancholy pianos in “The Big Unknown” is marvelous. She weaves a tale of mysterious and hard to maintain love, topics she has visited before in her storied career.

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    Tyler, The Creator – I Am the Grinch Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Tyler The Creator’s Tells It Like It Is: “I Am The Grinch” Tyler reveals himself as the Grinch that stole everyone’s Yuletide Spirit.

    Tyler, The Creator - I Am the Grinch Free MP3 Download

    About Tyler, The Creator – I Am the Grinch:

    After releasing “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” in a disguised manner, Tyler, the Creator is ready to reveal his sinister background, on a piano-driven track featuring Fletcher Jones. The new song, “I Am The Grinch,” will feature prominently in the reboot to The Grinch franchise, scheduled for a matinee unveiling this afternoon.

    The 3D-enhancement of this didactic tale hones in on the classic heroine character (Cindy Lou) painstaking attempts at unmasking a controlling entity in her hometown, nothing new here. Directors Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier have chosen Pharrell Williams to narrate the revised tale, in all his boyish charm.

    Fletcher Jones, a virtual unknown to hip-hop audiences, goes toe-to-toe with Tyler in the assumed “Cindy Lou” role. To my surprise, Tyler, the Creator doesn’t seem half-hearted at all about the role-playing assignment. You might even say he immerses himself in the character like an actor from the Marlon Brando school of method-training.

    The Grinch soundtrack also includes a slew of classic numbers including songs by Nat King Cole, The Supremes, and RUN DMC.

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    Trippie Redd – 1400/999 Freestyle Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD Join Forces For “1400/999 Freestyle” Trippie and Juice WRLD on repeat.

    Trippie Redd - 1400 999 Freestyle Free MP3 Download

    About Trippie Redd – 1400/999 Freestyle:

    Trippie Redd‘s A Love Letter To You 3 touched down on Friday (November 9), and one of the hottest singles on the project enlists Juice WRLD. “1400/999 Freestyle” feels like more of a Juice WRLD track, since the Chicago rapper takes up most of the real estate on the stunning instrumental. Produced by Pas Beatz and OZ, “1400/999 Freestyle” contains a serene piano riff and a mysterious woodwind sounding synth that creates a sumptuous backdrop for Trippie and Juice WRLD to go hard.

    The melodic pairing of both artists allows Juice to lay down a verse with Trippie coming in right after him. The chorus only exists on the beginning and end of the track, which Juice WRLD performs with inspiring energy. Drugs, money, and sex encompass the entirety of the single, three topics that Trippie and Juice WRLD favor.

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    City Girls – Twerk Free MP3 Download

    The City Girls Release Booty Shaking Banger “Twerk” Get it on the floor.

    City Girls - Twerk Free MP3 Download

    About City Girls – Twerk:

    The City Girls are set to release Girl Code in just two weeks, and the gorgeous and talented duo dropped off a new single on Friday (November 9) from the upcoming album. The Floridian beauties have a banger on their hands with “Twerk,” a booty clapping single that will be popular in the club for months to come. Produced by Mr. Nova and Rico Love, “Twerk” is the next big dance single.

    “Twerk” employs a similar xylophone sounding melody as T.I.’s “Ball,” but excited hand claps, feverish snares, and a pumped-up chorus set this single apart. Get ready to gyrate and twerk to the City Girls’ latest anthem.

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