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    Trippie Redd – What’s My Name Free MP3 Download

    Trippie Redd Celebrates Christmas With New Song & Video For “What’s My Name” Trippie Redd has started to tease a new project with “What’s My Name?”

    Trippie Redd - What's My Name Free MP3 Download

    About Trippie Redd – What’s My Name:

    Earlier this week, Trippie Redd teased a slew of new music videos that were ready to drop. He has been working hard on creating visual content for unreleased songs, asking all his fans to comment on his social posts until he reaches a certain milestone. The Ohio rapper has started to tease a brand new project to follow up A Love Letter to You 3, which was received well by the majority of his fans. On Christmas Day, Trippie decided to gift all his supporters with some new music and to the surprise of pretty much everybody, Tory Lanez makes a random appearance in the video.

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    Luke Christopher – IT’S ALL YOURS Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Luke Christopher Adds On To “The Renaissance” With “IT’S ALL YOURS” Luke Christopher drops the latest.

    Luke Christopher - IT'S ALL YOURS Free MP3 Download

    About Luke Christopher – IT’S ALL YOURS:

    Luke Christopher has been delivering on his promise, unleashing a 52-songs project by dripping out a song a week over the span of a year.

    Never skipping a beat or losing pace, the Los Angeles artist is now on week 22 and delivers on “IT’S ALL YOURS,” a smooth ode to a lover and a great way to say goodbye to the week.

    “I wanted to tell a story that was constantly moving,” Christopher previously told HipHopDX of the project last year. “I make songs every week that I love for a special reason and that define a time for me. I’ll always be able to make albums, I have a pretty crazy one that I am perfecting now, but to have a project that is constantly dropping and growing every week for a whole year is something special I think.”

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    Lotto Savage – Trap No Mo Free MP3 Download

    Lotto Savage Chases Bigger Dreams On “Trap No Mo” Lotto Savage assumes total control of his destiny on “Trap No Mo.”

    Lotto Savage - Trap No Mo Free MP3 Download

    About Lotto Savage – Trap No Mo:

    Slaughter Gang member Lotto Savage isn’t about to let a grudge from yesteryear derail his success. Savage might share his namesake with a lovable psycho, but that’s where the similarities, on the basis of his character. His intentions are made evident on his latest single “Trap No Mo.” Lotto explained his career outlook with our editorial lead.

    “Comin’ where I’m from in the streets of ATL, staying out of jail has been the story of my life,” he wrote with every intention of getting his message across a broader platform. He’s seen enough in his lifetime to warrant a change of course – away from muddy waters of crime, poverty, and of course, the pervasiveness of drug abuse in the community, which he understands all too well.

    His new single “Trap No Mo,” produced by StupidXool, elucidates this desire for change like no other. Generally-speaking, rappers cut in his image wouldn’t dare announce their departure, at the risk of appearing soft. But Lotto Savage, now based out of Florida State, is knocking down every wall in his path, from the Gullahs in the South Carolina to the Bed & Baths up in Boca Raton. Check out his Twitter for a broader look into his daily-grind.

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    Sosamann – Sauce to Drip Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Gunna Gives Sosamann The Respect He’s Due On “Sauce to Drip” Gunna links up with a “Drip Originator.”

    Sosamann - Sauce to Drip Free MP3 Download

    About Sosamann – Sauce to Drip:

    The Sauce Twinz are criminally overlooked; I suspect it boils down to a case of favorite child syndrome, in the eyes of the public. Sosamann’s right-hand man Sauce Walka incessantly talks about an “industry blacklisting” at the hands of an angry God, who shall remain unnamed. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on the matter.

    Although less outspoken, Sosamann shares the sentiment with his riding partner. Neither member of the Twinship is keen on throwing up the flag on their creative output. In fact, both Sosa and Walka rounded out 2018 in productive fashion, the former waiting ’til January to resume the incoming bombardment of material (sauce overload).

    On “Sauce to Drip,” we find Sosamann’s guest showing him reverence. In the past, Gunna has given the Sauce Twinz some credit for putting the expression “Drip” into circulation. Although he doesn’t broach the subject openly, Gunna’s deference to Sosamann on Sauce Eskobar 2 is confirmation in its own right. Drip can and will be shipped out of state, free-of-cost, so long as H-Town receives a nice chunk of cultural clout in the process. Kudos to Gunna for keeping it 100, in the midst of a media blackout.

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    K Camp – Calling My Spirits (Freestyle) Free MP3 Download

    K Camp Remixes Kodak Black’s “Calling My Spirits” K Camp delivers a freestyle over “Calling My Spirit.”

    K Camp - Calling My Spirits (Freestyle) Free MP3 Download

    About K Camp – Calling My Spirits:

    The string arrangement, written and produced by Southside and Jake One for Kodak Black’s “Calling My Spirit,” is the ideal backdrop for deep introspection – the reason it was conceived in the first place. With Kodak Black on a slightly less-angular path to mindfulness, the onus was on K Camp to shed new light, on what some might consider a feeble trick of the mind.

    K Camp doesn’t borrow from the original deck of cards to create the new-look “Calling My Spirit.” All there is to do is listen to the murmurs of his gut. Recreating a lucid moment from a resting position is harder than it looks. K Camp had to delete the impression Kodak Black made on the original recording, without falling into a ho-hum pattern. While “Calling My Spirit (Freestyle)” may seem to be nothing more than a rough stencil in the grand scheme of things – but unlike the majority of cipher-runoffs uploaded to SoundCloud, this one might stand the test of time.

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    Lil Pump – Butterfly Doors Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Pump Finally Drops Off New Single “Butterfly Doors” Lil Pump is back with his first drop of the year.

    Lil Pump - Butterfly Doors Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Pump – Butterfly Doors:

    Lil Pump broke into the mainstream in 2018 following the success of “Gucci Gang.” Since then, he’s been dropping one-off singles while fans await the arrival of his project Harverd Dropout which has been pushed back numerous times. Now, that it’s a new year, it looks like Pump is gearing up to drop it off anytime now. To kick off the campaign, he comes through with his latest track, “Butterfly Doors.”

    While fans anticipated Pump’s new song to surface at the wee hours of the morning, that wasn’t the case. The rapper announced the single would drop today, and he kept his promise, just a bit later than expected. The rapper’s new single features video game-like production while the rapper flexes about cars, smoking dope and more.

    “Butterfly Doors” sparked serious controversy at the tail end 2018 when he previewed the single on Instagram. Pump was quickly called out for mocking Asians on the song, rapping, “Smokin’ on dope, they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low (ching chong).”  Awkwafina called out the rapper on Twitter, condemning his words while clowning his unoriginality. Pump later apologized for the comments after deleting the snippet of the song from his Instagram page. The complaints were clearly heard loud and clear since the rapper edited the song to censor the Yao Ming line and exclude the “Ching Chong” adlib

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    K$upreme – 16′ Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    K$upreme & Soulja Boy Link Up On “16′” K$upreme and Soulja Boy got heat with their new collab.

    K$upreme - 16' Free MP3 Download

    About K$upreme – 16′:

    K$upreme is a few months removed from his latest project, Flex Muzik 2, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuously delivering new music for his fans. Today, he links up with Soulja Boy for his new track, “16′.”

    K$upreme is back with his latest single, “16′,” featuring fellow Atlanta native Soulja Boy. K$upreme links up with producer BHunna who delivers a minimalist, bass-heavy beat that’s worthy of becoming a twerk anthem. The two rappers deliver absurd flexes over BHunna’s production. K$upreme’s new single with Soulja Boy follows the release of “Gucci Cologne” which served as his first single since releasing Flex Muzik 2.

    While K$upreme kicks the year off with his new single, Soulja Boy is still trying to make waves in the tech world. Towards the end of 2018, the rapper announced his new video game console, SouljaGame which was later taken down from the website, likely due to the controversy surrounding the licensing of games.

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    Pharoahe Monch – Yayo Free MP3 Download

    Pharoahe Monch Cautions Against Reckless “Yayo” Use. Pharoahe Monch comes through with more proof of his perpetually sharpened lyricism.

    Pharoahe Monch - Yayo Free MP3 Download

    About Pharoahe Monch – Yayo:

    The bars of Pharoahe Monch shall be preserved in a papyrus for centuries to come, should his moniker prove to be foreshadowing. Despite consistently keeping himself at the top tier of technically proficient lyricists, Monch has remained perpetually underrated in the grand scheme of things. Luckily, the rapper has remained undeterred, and has returned to us now in our time of need. A few days back, Pharoahe dropped off “Yayo,” a standalone single unattached from any impending project. Taking to a raucous arrangement of electric guitars, Monch kicks things off with some brilliant wordplay, employing a ridiculously clever play on “key.”

    For those familiar with Monch’s work, you already know that the man is capable of penning sentences that marvel. Though his beat-selection can sometimes falter, few can dispute that Pharoahe deserves a spot in everyone’s playbook, on the basis of his wordplay alone. Peep “Yayo” now, and sound off. Is this the Monch you’ve been waiting for?

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    Fedez – Che cazzo ridi Free MP3 Download

    Trippie Redd Features On Fedez & Tedua’s “Che Cazzo Ridi” Trippie Redd taps into a new market.

    Fedez - Che cazzo ridi Free MP3 Download

    About Fedez – Che cazzo ridi:

    These days, it seems like new school rappers are forming an affinity for the European market. It’s a smart choice to make with hip-hop becoming more and more popular overseas. While house music feels like it will always rule in Europe, artists like 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd have attempted to tap into the market by sharing their own talents on a global level. Trippie’s latest attempt at this comes through his feature on Fedez and Tedua’s new song.

    The track samples a famous Blink 182 guitar riff as both European rappers flow, making way for Trippie Redd to arrive near the end of the song. As you would expect, he sings his way through the rock-influenced song with his regular inflections.

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    Lizzo – Juice Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lizzo’s Got The “Juice,” Enough To Keep Funk Going Skrong. Lizzo has retro chops to spare.

    Lizzo - Juice Free MP3 Download

    About Lizzo – Juice:

    There’s always a lane reserved for retro-tinted spinsters like Lizzo on the scene. But don’t let the retro-fitted tropes fool you into thinking Lizzo is nothing more than a novelty act. If you’ve heard the influence of Prince sput up in her music, that’s because she too hails from Minneapolis, the breeding ground for Funk in the NorthEast.

    “Minny” wasn’t touted a funky minefield before Prince left his mark. After setting local club circuit ablaze – Prince took his borderless vision to new horizons, leaving sediments on the ground for future generations to pick apart.

    In her music video for “Juice,” Lizzo conjures up images of old – specifically those concerned with preserving the funky minefield in “Minny” for years to come. The Quinn Wilson-directed video is conceptually centered around an 80s fitness video. Lizzo closes the video and song by taking the stage with swan-song harmonists in matching outfits. Familiarize yourself fast, “Juice” is about to blow.

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