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    Tyler, The Creator – I Am the Grinch Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Tyler The Creator’s Tells It Like It Is: “I Am The Grinch” Tyler reveals himself as the Grinch that stole everyone’s Yuletide Spirit.

    Tyler, The Creator - I Am the Grinch Free MP3 Download

    About Tyler, The Creator – I Am the Grinch:

    After releasing “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” in a disguised manner, Tyler, the Creator is ready to reveal his sinister background, on a piano-driven track featuring Fletcher Jones. The new song, “I Am The Grinch,” will feature prominently in the reboot to The Grinch franchise, scheduled for a matinee unveiling this afternoon.

    The 3D-enhancement of this didactic tale hones in on the classic heroine character (Cindy Lou) painstaking attempts at unmasking a controlling entity in her hometown, nothing new here. Directors Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier have chosen Pharrell Williams to narrate the revised tale, in all his boyish charm.

    Fletcher Jones, a virtual unknown to hip-hop audiences, goes toe-to-toe with Tyler in the assumed “Cindy Lou” role. To my surprise, Tyler, the Creator doesn’t seem half-hearted at all about the role-playing assignment. You might even say he immerses himself in the character like an actor from the Marlon Brando school of method-training.

    The Grinch soundtrack also includes a slew of classic numbers including songs by Nat King Cole, The Supremes, and RUN DMC.

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    Trippie Redd – 1400/999 Freestyle Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD Join Forces For “1400/999 Freestyle” Trippie and Juice WRLD on repeat.

    Trippie Redd - 1400 999 Freestyle Free MP3 Download

    About Trippie Redd – 1400/999 Freestyle:

    Trippie Redd‘s A Love Letter To You 3 touched down on Friday (November 9), and one of the hottest singles on the project enlists Juice WRLD. “1400/999 Freestyle” feels like more of a Juice WRLD track, since the Chicago rapper takes up most of the real estate on the stunning instrumental. Produced by Pas Beatz and OZ, “1400/999 Freestyle” contains a serene piano riff and a mysterious woodwind sounding synth that creates a sumptuous backdrop for Trippie and Juice WRLD to go hard.

    The melodic pairing of both artists allows Juice to lay down a verse with Trippie coming in right after him. The chorus only exists on the beginning and end of the track, which Juice WRLD performs with inspiring energy. Drugs, money, and sex encompass the entirety of the single, three topics that Trippie and Juice WRLD favor.

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    City Girls – Twerk Free MP3 Download

    The City Girls Release Booty Shaking Banger “Twerk” Get it on the floor.

    City Girls - Twerk Free MP3 Download

    About City Girls – Twerk:

    The City Girls are set to release Girl Code in just two weeks, and the gorgeous and talented duo dropped off a new single on Friday (November 9) from the upcoming album. The Floridian beauties have a banger on their hands with “Twerk,” a booty clapping single that will be popular in the club for months to come. Produced by Mr. Nova and Rico Love, “Twerk” is the next big dance single.

    “Twerk” employs a similar xylophone sounding melody as T.I.’s “Ball,” but excited hand claps, feverish snares, and a pumped-up chorus set this single apart. Get ready to gyrate and twerk to the City Girls’ latest anthem.

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    Anderson .Paak – Who R U? Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Anderson .Paak Wants To Know “Who R U?” On New Dr. Dre & Mell Produced Single. .Paak with the bounce.

    Anderson .Paak - Who R U? Free MP3 Download

    About Anderson .Paak – Who R U?:

    Anderson .Paak keeps things moving with the second single off his highly anticipated album Oxnard. Entitled “Who R U?,” the sensational single is produced by Mell and Dr. Dre. The Aftermath mastermind also loans his vocals to the chorus with exaggerated ad-libs. .Paak steps onto the track with a cocky flow, immediately displaying his penchant for performing fluid musings that exist comfortably within the pocket of the beat.

    The creeping synths create a stomping atmosphere that will rock heavy in clubs and cars with systems in the trunk. .Paak drifts from lyrics about his aspirational desires to political cries against police brutality easily, demonstrating his skill at connecting topics effortlessly.

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    XXXTENTACION – BAD Free MP3 Download

    XXXTentacion’s Posthumous Single “Bad!” Is A Banger. X keeps the vibe going.

    XXXTENTACION - BAD Free MP3 Download


    There are two rumored posthumous XXXTentacion albums in the works right now, Skins and Bad Vibes Forever. Although neither project has an official release date, a new single from the late artist has arrived.  “Bad!” is a hip-winding banger produced by Keeley and John Cunningham, the latter of which confirmed that the single will be on Skins.

    X plays on the confidence of a gorgeous woman, reaffirming her knowledge that she’s beyond fine. The instrumental would sound perfect at a strip club, and X’s syrupy vocals melt over the hypnotic drums. Cunningham also confirmed that Skins is “almost here,” feeding speculation that the project will arrive on December 7.

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    JAYLIEN – Pretty Woman Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    JAYLIEN Teases “Summer’s Over 2” With “Pretty Woman” JAYLIEN previews “Summer’s Over 2.”

    JAYLIEN - Pretty Woman Free MP3 Download

    About JAYLIEN – Pretty Woman:

    2016 marked the arrival of singer Jaylien’s Summer’s Over album–a strong introduction for those getting familiar with the St. Louis native. Now, two years later, he’s readying his follow-up with Summer’s Over 2, set to debut on November 30th. But, just before that arrives, Jaylien is giving listeners a taste with his latest “Pretty Woman” single.

    The cut is produced and written by the multihyphenate and his latest offering to enter his solo catalog since shifting gears from his tenure as a storied songwriter, working with the likes of, Britney Spears, Akon, Chris Brown, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg.

    Currently, Summer’s Over 2 is available for pre-order, with an advanced listen to the project’s title track attached to each purchase. Until it arrives in full, get acquainted with “Pretty Woman.”

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    Metro Boomin – Lesbian Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Young Thug, Metro Boomin & Gunna Reckon With Desire On “Lesbian” “Lesbian” is an exhibition match for YSL’s finest: Young Thug & Gunna.

    Metro Boomin - Lesbian Free MP3 Download

    About Metro Boomin – Lesbian:

    Young Thug chalks up his losses to a “Lesbian,” sound familiar? Well, to be fair, Thugger and Gunna aren’t exactly sticking to script. Rather, they are describing the often-unrequited process of falling deep into love. Turns out Metro Boomin, Young Thug, Gunna aren’t made of stainless steel, but the same flesh and guts as the rest of us. Oh, the humanity in this complex situation.

    Metro Boomin’s new album really aims to dispel those myths, those that pertain to men “feeling comfortable in their britches.”

    Metro effectively puts the “samurais out of service” and moves the shogunate to a faraway town. His album is everything old, and new again. It helps to have dense lyricists such as Gunna & Young Thug pick apart the frozen idioms.

    With their help, Metro is able to manifest an interesting hybrid uncommon to rap, an introspective yet uplifting piece of music. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

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    Styles P – Money and Checks Free MP3 Download

    Styles P Stays On His Grizzly With “Money And Checks” “Been told you I’m a wolf, give a f*ck about a GOAT.”

    Styles P - Money and Checks Free MP3 Download

    About Styles P – Money and Checks:

    Styles P doesn’t specify whether the money comes clean, like the juice bar where he gets his cleanse. There will never be a Styles 2.0, there’s no reason for it. When Styles dropped Dime Bag only days after completing his joint project with Dave East, it became abundantly clear that we wear dealing with a rap veteran uninterested in vacating his active spot in the rotation. The Ghost is back, in the sense that he never really left, we’ve been chasing the wrong kind of specters all along.

    On “Money and Checks,” Styles doesn’t deviate from the formula. He tells it like it is; he looks down upon the fixation with social media, not because of its illusory effect, but because venturing into the deep waters of Instagram prevents you from occupying the “frontline” where the real money is made. There are the words of a stately figure, make no mistake about it.

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    Swizz Beatz – Echo Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Nas Waxes Tales Of Gritty 90s New York On Swizz Beatz’ “Echo” Nas & Swizz Beatz use their time-traveling powers on “Echo.”

    Swizz Beatz - Echo Free MP3 Download

    About Swizz Beatz – Echo:

    Over a serene “The New Birth – Echoes on My Mind” sample-base, Nas & Swizz Beatz usher a toast to the grittier New York City they grew up in, back before Rudy ran his street sweep from dusk ’til dawn in the 90s. Nas was running game in the Queensbridge housing projects overlooking the East River while Swizz Beatz was coming up in the Boogie Bronx, on the other side of town. Only a native New Yorker can spot the difference between the two boroughs, on a level of human behavior. And yet, Nas & Swizz Beatz’ depictions of rough-and-tumble New York are remarkably similar.

    “Echo” foreshadows Swizz Beatz’ future endeavors with Nas, works that are said to be well past the production phase. When POISON dropped this past week, Nasir was among the first of Swizz’ peers to congratulate him for his effort, calling him a “genius” and POISON “a (complete) masterpiece.” How does a Swizz Beatz-produced Nas album sound to you, comment below?

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    Quando Rondo – Unconditional Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Quando Rondo Foregoes The “Unconditional” Heartaches. The rising ATL rapper joins the winner’s circle with his new video single “Unconditional.”

    Quando Rondo - Unconditional Free MP3 Download

    About Quando Rondo – Unconditional:

    NBA Youngboy does a good job of isolating himself. His one friend in the rap biz other than Kevin Gates is a youngster by the name of Quando Rondo, no relation to #SpitGate. He’s proven himself to be quite the valued commodity base camp. No too many people would stick their nose into affairs that don’t consider them. Where’s the pass/fail system when you need it?

    On “Unconditional” with Lancito, Quando Rondo isn’t as optimistic as the title would suggest. His counterpart Lancito isn’t famous enough to face any reapercussions for his lyrics, nor is Quando. But in view of their lack optimism, is it even a question of maturity inciting them to consider their options. Yes, they both exert a highly-cynical view of life of on this planet, but why shouldn’t they? This place kind of sucks.

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