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    DeJ Loaf – Who Gon Stop Us Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    DeJ Loaf Asks: “Who Gon Stop Us?” DeJ Loaf follows up her “Liberation” with “Who Gon Stop Us.”

    DeJ Loaf - Who Gon Stop Us Free MP3 Download

    About DeJ Loaf – Who Gon Stop Us:

    DeJ Loaf loaded up on tommy points in the event of a work stoppage, and came out winning, who would have guessed? On “Who Gon Stop Us,” DeJ Loaf starts up a conversation that broke down when she took her rap sabbatical. The Detroit rapper held concurrent titles in an era where the feat was near unimaginable.

    Casual rap fans expect a monthly turnover, a cycle DeJ Loaf continues to defy, but not out of petulance. “Who Gon Stop Us” produced by Winner’s Circle, sees her return to the sound she was championing in 2015, after a brief deviation in form. In June, DeJ enlisted Leon Bridges to help her chart a new soulful route, a dalliance that came to an abrupt end shortly thereafter.

    The message on her new single is quite evident: Loyalty over everything. “Who Gon Stop Us” is being saved for her forthcoming EP. Her countenance shows little bemusement. DeJ speaks in parables; forward-looking statements win over more often than not. She doesn’t strike me as someone that spends too much mulling over unimportant facts.

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    88GLAM – Lil Boat Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    88GLAM Feel Like Lil Yachty On Their New Track “Lil Boat” 88GLAM return with their new track, “Lil Boat.”

    88GLAM - Lil Boat Free MP3 Download

    About 88GLAM – Lil Boat:

    We haven’t heard a whole lot from 88GLAM this year, but that’s about to change in the near future. Roughly a year ago, the Toronto duo released their debut self-titled project. A few months into 2018, they released the Reloaded version as they announced that they’ve signed to Republic Records. However, they’ve been teasing the sequel to their 2017 project and today, they unveil the first single off the project, “Lil Boat.”

    88GLAM channel their inner Lil Yachty for their new track, “Lil Boat.” The song serves as their first official single off their forthcoming project, 88GLAM 2 which is set to drop on Nov.16th. 88GLAM take their after-hours vibes to another level on “Lil Boat” and bring Take A Daytrip and Russ Chell to amplify that feeling even further with the production.

    “88GLAM is a world of its own,” Wise and Camino told Complex. “‘Lil Boat’ aesthetically is a pit stop in the many worlds that make up 88GLAM.”

    Keep your eyes peeled for 88GLAM 2.

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    Lil Durk – Treacherous Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Durk Unleashes One For The Savages On “Treacherous” Lil Durk’s intro track leads us into “Signed To The Streets 3” perfectly.

    Lil Durk - Treacherous Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Durk – Treacherous:

    While we’ve been blessed with several high-profile projects and singles today, it would be a shame for Lil Durk to get lost in the shuffle. The Chicago rapper has proven to be incredibly consistent. At this point, it’s getting more and more difficult to point out a song from the rapper that is not enjoyable. As a drill artist, his music comes with a sense of reality to it, which is perhaps best shown in the introductory track to Signed To The Streets 3.

    Durkio has a good ear for beats so production was not something we were worried about with this project. The leader of OTF ended up coming through with a few singles before the album dropped and all of them were solid. Now that we’re able to check out each of the twenty songs being offered to us, it just makes “Treacherous” stand out even more.

    The underrated rapper comes through with a song specifically for the “savages” as he gets real in the intro. Telling tales that he’s lived as a veteran on the streets, Durk comes across as authentic as ever here. With so much to digest, “Treacherous” is truly a good place to start. With the importance of introductory tracks being called into question, Durkio chose the right one here.

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    IDK – OMG Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    IDK & Wale Are Twin Whirlwinds On “OMG” “I’m up all night like a Fortnite player.”

    IDK - OMG Free MP3 Download

    About IDK – OMG:

    Social circles are important. One must surround themselves with trustworthy buddies at all times. Such is life for the Maryland-ass-rapper IDK, who is on the verge of an absolutely integral 2019 campaign. Today, he has come through to sate our appetites with IDK & Friends, a concise collaborative project with appearances from Denzel Curry, Maxo Kream, Rico Nasty, Domo Genesis, Q Da Fool, Thirty Rack, and Wale. The MMG rapper contributes his slept-on talents to “OMG!,” a brief romp that perfectly encapsulates the album cover.

    IDK’s prowess is well understood by those familiar with his catalog, and it’s clear that he’s simply having fun on this go-around. Likewise for Wale, who turns in an impressive turn befitting of his skillset. “‘Cause I’m up all night like a Fortnite player,” raps Wale. “I’m moonshine baby, you a Coors Light Beer.” Take a listen, and be sure to keep a watchful eye for IDK; big things are afoot, and it’s always wiser to be on the right side of history.

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    Saba – Stay Right Here Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Saba, Mick Jenkins & Xavier Omär Keep Things Low Decibel On “Stay Right Here” Saba, Mick Jenkins, and Xavier Omär keep things homeward bound.

    Saba - Stay Right Here Free MP3 Download

    About Saba – Stay Right Here:

    Saba dropped his latest oeuvre at midnight. A duet with Mick Jenkins was rumored to be in the works, and the final form gives an overall impression of consistency. The final version invokes singer Xavier Omär with a pleasant interlinking chorus. In the post-drill era in Chicago, Saba and Mick Jenkins acted fast to fill a void, to the point where Chicago is back to being the “impactful intersection” for American culture.

    Saba last project CARE FOR ME figures among the year’s best, in a year where notable absences were felt, opportunities were rife. Saba, in particular, used the premise of community building to great effect. It translated to a brilliantly executed album. New pathways, new beginnings, and most importantly, new ideas are in the process of flowering in Chicago.

    “Stay Right Here” is a song rooted in staying homeward bound, and Saba and Mick Jenkins establishing their nesting spot as the main junction. Don’t Sleep.

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    Lil Durk – Benihana Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Kodak Black & Lil Durk Are Hungry For The Money On “Benihana” Lil Durk & Kodak Black do not disappoint on this “Signed To The Streets 3” cut.

    Lil Durk - Benihana Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Durk – Benihana:

    In the last few days, we’ve received plenty of advance singles from Lil Durk. The Chicago artist has been teasing his fans before the official Signed To The Streets 3 drop and now that the project is out, we get to hear it all as a whole. The drill rapper had come through with a handful of great standalone songs and as a complete project, STTS3 is pretty solid. Durkio continues to have one of the most unique sounds in the business as he doesn’t depend on trends to advance his career. On “Benihana,” he’s met by Kodak Black, who has been a force to be reckoned with lately.

    Kodak sounds like he has something to prove on every new appearance we see him on. He’s been featured on quite a few albums since his release from prison and the latest sees him teaming up with Lil Durk. STTS3 dropped last night with “Benihana” placed in the middle of the tracklist. The “ZEZE” artist has a short spot but he still leaves his mark, leaving the remainder of the song for Durkio to do his thing.

    As he’s been doing, Durk continues to impress. Let us know what you think of the new song.

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    Tee Grizzley – Bitches On Bitches Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Pump & Tee Grizzley Redefine Modern Love On “Bitches On Bitches” Tee Grizzley and Lil Pump forsake astrology and long walks on the beach.

    Tee Grizzley - Bitches On Bitches Free MP3 Download

    About Tee Grizzley – Bitches On Bitches:

    Over an instrumental that sounds like the musical equivalent of Willy Wonka shooting his shot, Tee Grizzley flexes his prowess in the “art of seduction.” Off the bat, he seems to favor those who come from the Iggy Azalea school of thought, which is to say, a syllabus of “cash” and “ass.” He even takes a moment to lay down unspoken strip club etiquette: if you can’t afford to make it rain, you are simply unworthy of the talent, capiche?

    Lil Pump, hip-hop’s notorious “Casanova,” closes out the track with yet another proclamation of self-worth. Hisbussdown still costs more than your rent, but does it cost more than his lean? Jewelry and sheer hedonism remain two of his driving motivators, and one has to wonder if the young man is making sure to take his vitamins, especially on all those nights on the road. “Hit a ho from the back, throw her off a ladder,” he raps, answering the age-old question: yes, you can have sex on a ladder.

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    Allan Kingdom – Today Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Allan Kingdom And TyBass Bring Positive Energy To New Single “Today” Allan Kingdom and TyBass make a solid team on new track.

    Allan Kingdom - Today Free MP3 Download

    About Allan Kingdom – Today:

    Canadian rapper Allan Kingdom and up and comer TyBass have recently joined forces to deliver a lively, positive track bound to lift the spirits of fans.

    Earlier this year, Allan Kingdom told Pigeons and Planes “I’m in the mentality of, ‘Fuck everybody,’ but in a fun way.” He went on to reveal that while he was in the studio working on his project, Peanut Butter Prince he revealed, “Every time I was in the studio for this project, I was in a good mood,” he says. “I was in a good space where I didn’t really have to think too much. I could just let the music flow out.”

    It seems that the rapper has remained jovial, and this latest song emits nothing but positive energy.

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    Tiffany Evans – Switch Up Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Tiffany Evans Gets Real On “Switch Up” Tiffany Evans returns with “Switch Up.”

    Tiffany Evans - Switch Up Free MP3 Download

    About Tiffany Evans – Switch Up:

    Just one week after opening up about an abusive relationship in a now-deleted social media post, singer Tiffany Evans has entered comeback mode with her “Switch Up” break up anthem.

    “’Switch Up’ is another way of me saying ‘fuck you’ to an ex. It took me so long to finally say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I’m going out tonight and going to kick it with someone who’s going to show me a good time,” the singer tells Billboard.

    Arriving as the first piece of a full album that is set to follow up her 2015 All Me project.

    “I wanted the record to have balance. I wanted something light and vibey with just enough kick because the lyrics are serious,” Evans adds “Most of the song was freestyled because I was going through so much, that made it easy for me to express what I was feeling.”

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    Jazz Cartier – CUZZI RELAX Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Jazz Cartier Adds “Cuzzi Relax” To His Deluxe Suite. Jazz Cartier adds 4 new bangers to “Fleurever.”

    Jazz Cartier - CUZZI RELAX Free MP3 Download

    About Jazz Cartier – CUZZI RELAX:

    Toronto’s Jazz Cartier had the good sense to add a few songs to his Fleurever project, in sensing it had become a crowd favorite. There’s no point in leaving loosies on the table if there’s something to gain from their exposure. When I think of Jazz Cartier of an artist with an amorphous quality to endure changes in the atmosphere, culturally speaking. On “Cuzzi Relax” he gets into a manic shouting match with a tempestuous voice creating confusion in his head.

    “Cuzzi Relax” is produced by Mathaius Young, a hip-hop practitioner that defies labels and simple conventions. Together they crafted an interesting type of record that belongs to the new age. Forget narrative structure, we-they-nobody does that anymore. It’s kind of old-fashioned unless you’re filing a missing person report, in which case I’m sure Jazz and Mathaius are wishful thinkers.

    Check out the four new adds to Fleurever right here. Better yet, give the whole thing a reload.

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