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    Bruno Mars – Finesse Feat. Cardi B ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    About Bruno Mars – Finesse :

    As the dust started to settle from his monstrous comeback, Bruno Mars returns for more heat with fellow chart-topper, Cardi B. The Bronx rapper drops bars woven between Bruno’s crooning over a 90’s style beat. The original track was released on Bruno’s 2016 album 24K Magic, which spawned three Hot 100 singles. With his throwback star power and Cardi’s fire bars, the track is destined for success as well.

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    Eminem – River ft. Ed Sheeran ( free MP3 download + lyrics )

    “River” details the struggles of a failing relationship that culminates in an abortion. The story initially depicts a man who has been cheating on his girlfriend. The girl finds out about his infidelity, and, she seeks revenge by cheating on him with Eminem. Em knows he is getting used, yet he persists anyways in order to fill the romantic void in his heart.

    After the man finds out what his girlfriend has been doing, he ends up leaving her at the same time as Eminem has lost interest in her. Em’s struggles come to fruition as soon as he realizes the woman is pregnant by him. His selfish actions cause the destruction of the girl’s relationship and the abortion of her unborn child.

    Ed Sheeran—who collaborates with Eminem for the first time—sings a powerful chorus of a remorseful man who wants to be washed from his sins.

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    Twenty one pilots – Stressed Out ( free MP3 download + lyrics )



    The lyrics of “Stressed Out” are told in the first person, with the story being told by both the character Blurryface (a representation of Tyler’s insecurities) and an anxious Tyler feeling intense childhood nostalgia. The song is primarily about a wish to regain the innocence and carefree nature of childhood before insecurities (i.e. Blurryface) existed.

    It was released on April 27, 2015, as the third single from their second studio album, Blurryface. In February 2016, it managed to reach number two on the Hot 100, becoming not only their first single to reach that height, but also their first top five, ten, twenty, forty, or even eighty!

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    Stephen – Play Me Like A Violin ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    “Play Me Like A Violin” uses a girl as a metaphor to show Stephen struggling with Lyme Disease. It describes how much he wanted to escape the symptoms, and does so by telling a story where he goes to a club and takes ecstasy in order to feel like the man he was before. It shows him looking for someone who will accept him for who he is regardless of the disease.

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    Post Malone – Rockstar ft. 21 Savage ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    On “rockstar,” Post Malone compares his habits to the “live fast, die young” rock and roll lifestyle. Along the way, he references real events in rock history, name-drops Bon Scott and Jim Morrison, and highlights rockstar traditions like throwing TVs out of hotel windows.

    Post previewed the song in December 2016, nine months before he released it, by posting a video of himself jamming to it in the studio. The preview received thousands of retweets on Twitter over the course of the year, so the track was highly anticipated by the time it finally dropped.

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    Rich Homie Quan 34 ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    Rich as in Spirit, was all-systems-go for a summer release. Since we spoke though, there hasn’t been a peep about it. We’ve gotten some singles in the past few months, most recently “Changed,” but it seems like Quan is once again stuck in a holding pattern. This time it’s one he knows he can’t afford.

    Comebacks are hatched and fail to achieve the intended effect. This stuff happens every day in rap, as in every other genre of popular music, but somehow none of the existing evidence fully describes what’s happened to Rich Homie Quan. Call it decline in popularity, a contractual snafu, or an all-out disappearance, but however you slice it, RHQ isn’t where we thought he’d be when projecting his future back in 2014 or ’15.

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    XXXTentacion – Hope ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    “HOPE” was released on February 21, 2018 through X’s SoundCloud page. The song is dedicated to the kids who lost their lives during the school shooting in Parkland, Florida which took place on February 14, 2018.

    X released this song to motivate and uplift other kids, as he described this song on its SoundCloud description,

    follow your dreams, and know that even though you have lost, you have guardian angels watching over you, day in and day out,
    the last thing they want is for their lives to be lost in vein, make them proud! live full, healthy, genius lives!
    #you are not alone

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    Marshmello & Anne Marie – FRIENDS ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    “FRIENDS” is a song by American DJ Marshmello, from his upcoming sophomore album, set to be released in 2018, and it’s a collaboration with the British singer Anne-Marie.

    Lyrically, the song is about leaving somebody in the friend zone because you just don’t feel the same way about them. The song marks the first collaboration between Marshmello and Anne-Marie.

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    Zac Efron- Rewrite the Stars ( free MP3 download + lyrics )


    “Rewrite the Stars” was the third promotional song to be released before The Greatest Showman premiered. It is the eighth song overall in the soundtrack.

    The song is an aerial duet between two of the characters, Philip Carlyle – a rich, white man – and Anne Wheeler – a poor, black girl – who are in love, but destiny seems to keep pulling them away from each other.

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