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    Kyle Dion – Not All the Way Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Kyle Dion Delivers Much Soul On “Not All The Way” Listen to Kyle Dion’s “Not All The Way.”

    Kyle Dion - Not All the Way Free MP3 Download

    About Kyle Dion – Not All the Way:

    The arrival of singer Kyle Dion’s forthcoming album will soon be upon us. But before it gets here, Dion has been gifting our ears with addictive previews, starting things off with “Brown,” and leading us into tracks such as “Cool Side Of The Pillow,” “Spend It,” and now, “Not All The Way.”

    On the newest cut, the old school elements that have colored the tracks before it persist with crisp falsettos and hooking bass lines underscoring the dreamy new persona that Kyle Dion has crafted throughout the creation of this new project.

    “Without giving too much away, this mysterious character is the sort of man that has it all – women, money, travel – he even has love and he feels untouchable,” Dion previously explained of the alter ego present on his album.

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    Jaden Smith – Plastic Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Jaden Smith Delivers Addicting Single “Plastic” Smith turns up on “Plastic”

    Jaden Smith - Plastic Free MP3 Download

    About Jaden Smith – Plastic:

    Jaden Smith reappeared on the scene Friday with a new project entitled The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. The 11 track project places Smith in his usual unique setting, with auto-tuned croons and introspective musings littering the album. “Plastic” stands out on The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story as a hard-hitting single.

    Smith opted to drop the tape without releasing a single, but “Plastic” would be the most obvious choice for a lead track. The excited instrumental finds Jaden rapping through auto-tune and a distortion filter that meshes well to create an anxious-sounding ambiance. “Plastic” only runs for two minutes, but that’s more than enough time for Smith to do his thing.

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    Problem – Wild Nights Free MP3 Download

    Problem Lives For Those “Wild Nights” Problem drops another “S2” cut.

    Problem - Wild Nights Free MP3 Download

    About Problem – Wild Nights:

    Problem dropped the single “Fuck Me Too” off S2 two weeks ago, and he returns with another offering from the upcoming album. Entitled “Wild Nights,” Problem’s latest track is a bass-heavy street anthem. Harsh piano riffs give the single a patented West Coast vibe, and Problem goes in over the dark instrumental.

    The single comes along with an interactive website called City of the Litty. The website is dope, and visitors can click on artwork that features artists who can be expected to show up on S2. From Mozzy To Wiz Khalifa, French Montana to Diddy, the interactive website lets you click on characters for teasers, funny videos, and more.

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    Kirk Knight – M.O. Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Kirk Knight Draws First On Eerie Banger “M.O.” Kirk Knight proves himself a valued asset in the wars to come.

    Kirk Knight - M.O. Free MP3 Download

    About Kirk Knight – M.O.:

    Last night, the ever-reliable Kirk Knight slid through to deliver his new album IIWII, an acronym for “It Is What It Is.” In truth, the entire project is worthy of praise, especially given Kirk’s noted sense of vision; the young rapper simultaneously earns his stripes on a lyrical tip, while producing an eerie batch of contemporary bangers worthy of today’s sonic climate. In that regard, purists have their work cut out for them, and needling it down to a singular showcase track proves difficult upon a single listen. Yet there is something hypnotically masterful about Knight’s performance on “M.O,” and thus, here we are.

    Over a hazy loop of alarming synthesizers, Kirk tackles his dual verses with two disparate approaches. The first finds the rapper’s voice unhinged, allowing himself room for flow experimentation, occasionally altering his cadence to frantic points. The second is the nail in the coffin, in which Kirk’s flow is a statement unto itself. The end result is an eerie, and pleasantly unsettling banger. Do yourself a favor and check out Kirk Knight’s IIWII.

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    88GLAM – Racks Free MP3 Download

    88GLAM & Gunna Count “Racks” From Toronto To Atlanta On New Collab. 88GLAM and Gunna link up on “Racks.”

    88GLAM - Racks Free MP3 Download

    About 88GLAM – Racks:

    The XO camp has been working relentlessly hard with each member of the roster dropping a project this year. 88GLAM was relatively quiet for the majority of the year since releasing their 2017 debut, but they were clearly getting to the bag and working on their follow-up project. Last week, they released their first single off of 88GLAM2, the Lil Yachty-inspired single, “Lil Boat.” The Toronto duo released their long-awaited sophomore project today which includes the Gunna-assisted single, “Racks.”

    Co-produced by Maaly Raw and Cubeatz, 88GLAM recruit Gunna for their murky strip club anthem, “Racks.” The song is one of the few songs on the project that have a guest appearance. Derek Wise, 88CAMINO, and Gunna’s autotune-laden vocals mesh well with each other on this highlight off of 88GLAM2.

    Gunna’s been building a solid reputation with the XO camp. He’s worked with NAV, who also features on 88GLAM2, on numerous occasions including Reckless cut “EAT” and Drip Season 3 cut, “Car Sick” alongside Metro Boomin.

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    Yella Beezy – What I Did Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Kevin Gates Complements Yella Beezy’s Voice On “What I Did” Yella Beezy’s new project includes some big features, including one from Kevin Gates.

    Yella Beezy - What I Did Free MP3 Download

    About Yella Beezy – What I Did:

    Yella Beezy is insanely lucky to be alive today. The young artist just released a brand new project but his plans were nearly derailed when he was involved in a drive-by shooting a couple of weeks ago. It was just a regular night for Beezy as he frequented his favorite strip club when he realized that he was being followed as he left. Shortly after getting onto the highway, he was targeted as shots rang off his car, piercing his skin four times. He detailed exactly what went down on The Breakfast Club.

    Thankfully, the young man is still with us and he’s releasing some of the best music of his life. He is fully focused on creating quality product, which is what he’s aiming for on Ain’t No Goin’ Bacc. His voice is one-of-a-kind and it’s only complemented when Kevin Gates joins in on the fun. Everything Gates has attached himself to has been solid and this is no different. The two get ample time to shine on “What I Did” as Beezy shows off his vocals.

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    The Lox – Never Over Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    The Lox Prove The Longevity Is The Secret On “Never Over” The Lox hold it down for the D-Block loyalists.

    The Lox - Never Over Free MP3 Download

    About The Lox – Never Over:

    Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch are tireless. As such, the legendary group has returned to the fold with another banger. With a new Lox project in the preparatory phases, the trio have come through with a new banger, complete with accompanying visuals.

    “Never Over” finds Jada, Styles, and Sheek bringing forth an aggressive dose of energy over a reimagined KRS One sample. Styles kicks things off with a vicious opening verse, leaving us wondering how he has verses left over, given his prolific 2018 campaign. Sheek holds it down second, paying homage to Jay-Z, MOP, and Casanova in one fell swoop. Jada plays the closer, bringing forth a long-chiseled sense of stalwart authority.

    “I could go anywhere as long as I got the toast,” he growls, “I do it for the East as long as I got the coast. Go out on my shield as long as I got my oath, hip-hop could never be dead, as long as I got a pulse.” Pay homage to The Lox, and stream “Never Over” now.

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    Tyler, The Creator – Big Bag Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Tyler The Creator Is Green With Greed On “Big Bag” “Fill ’em up with the produce, Big Bag.”

    Tyler, The Creator - Big Bag Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    About Tyler, The Creator – Big Bag:

    Tyler the Creator just hit us with the lesser of evils, a song that is by no means enjoyable. Let me tell you why; the conversion technique may have been flawlessly executed, but the Grinch’s character-type makes for incredibly jarring music. But to his credit, Tyler handled the task of getting into character with uttermost detail.

    In the end, The Grinch’s yuletide jangle is pitched incorrectly in adherence to cognitive dissonance. Imagine you were forced to give an “on the spot” performance grade to a musician playing an out-of-tune glockenspiel. Bear in mind, you’ve never heard a glockenspiel before – do you catch my drift?

    On a level of trollery and creative freedom, Tyler the Creator makes great strides on this project. He was essentially given carte blanche to run his mouth, and that’s exactly what he did, “Big Bag” is no expectation. Has the experiment grown on you folks?

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    Big K.R.I.T. – Glorious Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Big K.R.I.T Brings Life To The Barren On “Glorious” K.R.I.T. ain’t lost a step.

    Big K.R.I.T. - Glorious Free MP3 Download

    About Big K.R.I.T. – Glorious:

    Last year, Big K.R.I.T solidified himself as hip-hop’s unsung hero. The cult-favorite rapper dropped off 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time, a self-funded double album, bordering on magnum opus. Though the soulful lyricist has decided to take a lengthy break, K.R.I.T. has made sure to check in before year’s end. Though his latest offering was a mere three songs, one should not complain about receiving a visit from an old friend; though the conversation is fleeting, it is often memorable.

    On “Glorious,” K.R.I.T. shines on the strength of his own penmanship. Taking to an ambient instrumental, K.R.I.T wastes little time in solidifying his authorial prowess. Clearly, the man hasn’t lost a step, bringing forth a dizzying flow with no shortage of vivid imagery. In terms of technical prowess, K.R.I.T. may very well stand among the game’s most underrated.

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    Reazy Renegade – Teller Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Dave East & Moneybagg Yo Join Forces On Reazy Renegade’s “Teller” Reazy Renegade presents his debut single, “Teller” alongside Dave East & Moneybagg Yo.

    Reazy Renegade - Teller Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    About Reazy Renegade – Teller:

    Reazy Renegade’s been producing some of your favorite hits for years, but now, he’s getting ready to establish his name as a solo artist. The producer has worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, and more. To kick things off, he recruits Dave East and Moneybagg Yo for his solo debut, “Teller.”

    Reazy Renegade helps reunite Moneybagg Yo and Dave East on his new track, “Teller.” Dave East and Moneybagg link up over a frantic and grim beat Reazy Renegade cooked up. Dave East kicks things off with the first verse and the hook before passing it over to Moneybagg. The two rappers have worked together on the past for the song, “Salty” which is when Reazy Renegade realized their undeniable chemistry on wax.

    “Around this time last year, Dave East dropped a project called Karma, on which I produced a track on it titled ‘Salty’ that featured MoneyBagg Yo. I remember thinking to myself, the contrast of these guys voices on the same track is impeccable,” Reazy said to Billboard. “Wheels got to turning and I knew we had to spark another collab.”

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