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    Punch – Mumble Rap Free MP3 Download

    Daylyt & Punch Accost The MushMouthed On “Mumble Rap” Punch and Daylyt come through with a battle rapper’s intensity.

    Punch - Mumble Rap Free MP3 Download

    About Punch – Mumble Rap:

    Mere days after dropping off his Ichiban Don assisted “Relax,” TDE president Punch has come through with yet another new drop. This time, he’s tapped battle rap legend Daylyt for the honors, as the pair wax poetic over a STEALMYBEATS-laced instrumental. Wasting little time in setting a tone, Punch kicks off with some dense bars, the product of when “antimatter and matter clash.” The self-professed “God particle in the flesh” continues to put in work, delivering lyricism likely to confound the titular “mumble rappers” he ironically sets himself against.

    Daylyt closes the session with a battle rapper’s slow-burning intensity; it’s no wonder many have fallen to his hand. Yet this time, Daylyt approaches the mic like a slam poet scorned, segueing from one thought to the next in a free-associative reflection of the world at large. Peep the new track now, set to appear on Daylyt’s upcoming Lyteskin Vol. 3.

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    Amir Obe – Famous Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Amir Obe Drops Off New Track “Famous” Amir Obe is back with his new track, “Famous.”

    Amir Obe - Famous Free MP3 Download

    About Amir Obe – Famous:

    Fans are going to have to wait a bit longer for Amir Obe‘s debut album. The singer’s been dishing out new music throughout the year, including two EP’s that are part of a series that he plans on dropping before his debut album. The last EP he dropped was October’s Can’t Be A ____Here: Chapter 2. Today, he gears up for the third installment and drops off his new single, “Famous.”

    Amir Obe is back with some more uplifting vibes on his new single, “Famous.” The singer’s latest track is the first single since his last EP. It looks like this could be the first single off of Can’t Be A ____Here: Chapter 3. Amir taps NYLZ and J.LBS for the song’s production.

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    Ronny J – Doesn’t Matter Free MP3 Download

    Ronny J Gets Up Close & Personal On “Doesn’t Matter” Ronny J expands his artistic scope on “Doesn’t Matter.”

    Ronny J - Doesn't Matter Free MP3 Download

    About Ronny J – Doesn’t Matter:

    Another dose of “Ron Ron Juice” has been served, prompting cries of “OMG Ronny.” The producer slash rapper Ronny J, whom we last heard contributing to Eminem’s Kamikaze cuts “The Ringer” and “Not Alike,” has returned with an airy solo effort. Though largely known for his production work, where he played a pivotal role in shaping many modern trends and aesthetics, Ronny has occasionally displayed greater signs of artistic versatility. Now, he has come through with the solitary cut “Doesn’t Matter,” which finds him flexing a clever ear for melodic variation.

    Lyrically, Ronny opts for several genre favorites, with references to lean, sex, and VVs diamonds. Yet he does manage to keep things interesting throughout, despite his occasionally played-out subject matter. Clearly, the man has an impressive ear, and such talents translate effectively as WAV files. Should Ronny pursue a deeper attempt at solo artistry, “Doesn’t Matter” is a promising indication of both his strengths and possible limitations.

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    Rapsody – REDBLUE Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    J.I.D & Rapsody Face The Conundrum Of Choosing Up On “Redblue” Rapsody and J.I.D represent a self-serious enclave in “the rap game.”

    Rapsody - REDBLUE Free MP3 Download

    About Rapsody – REDBLUE:

    9th Wonder’s latest compilation album welcomes several new faces to the fore, as well as older ones in slightly different packaging. With that being said, Rapsody and J.I.D are perhaps too well established to be considered newcomers, but too spritely to fall in the opposite category. Their latest collaboration “Redblue” is a tale that juxtaposes pop culture with reality.

    J.I.D delivers the opening sermon, explaining the push-and-pull dynamic of the environment he grew up under: to be subsumed by life on the streets, or not to be. Rapsody saves The Matrix idiom for herself: the unenvious position of choosing the pill without any foresight at all. It’s clearly evident the milieu J.I.D and Rapsody are describing in “Redblue” isn’t conducive to taking cover. The only folks that preach the joys of uncertainty are clearly sheltered from hardship, on some level.

    Peep “Redblue” and the rest of 9th Wonder’s Jamla Is the Squad II.

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    Too $hort – Don’t Shoot Free MP3 Download

    Too $hort, ScHoolboy Q & Joyner Lucas Converge On “Don’t Shoot” Too $hort, Joyner Lucas, and ScHoolboy Q make for an unlikely, yet effective trifecta.

    Too $hort - Don't Shoot Free MP3 Download

    About Too $hort – Don’t Shoot:

    Like a beloved athlete in his hometown watering hole, Too $hort never has to pay for a beverage. The legendary California icon has been graciously accepting praise from all walks of life, boasting collaborations with both Biggie and Pac, and an impressive repertoire of twenty studio albums to his name. Now, on the day The Pimp Tape has come to fruition, Too $hort once again showcases his curatorial prowess, bringing together fan-favorites ScHoolboy Q and Joyner Lucas for a reflection on street rules, police brutality, and occasional flashes of braggadocio.

    Though the latter topic remains imbued with sociopolitical connotations, all three parties bring a gravitas fueled by the credibility of experience. And quite frankly, it’s refreshing to hear ScHoolboy Q once more, given his notable absence from both this year and the last. The passion in his authoritative voice is evident, as he spits about the dual dangers of both gang and police-related violence.

    Too $hort remains measured in his approach, graceful under pressure, yet no less assertive; his role as gatekeeper means he might have to slap a poser if need be. Joyner closes things out with a stroll down memory lane, with his presence feeling like somewhat of a torch-passing moment. An interesting combination, but the chemistry is welcome. Peep the deep cut now.

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    BTOB – Beautiful Pain Free MP3 Download

    BTOB sings of bittersweet endings in emotional MV for ‘Beautiful Pain’. BTOB is back with a brand new album!

    BTOB - Beautiful Pain Free MP3 Download

    About BTOB – Beautiful Pain:

    The group released ‘Hour Moment’ on November 12, a special album including the emotional title track “Beautiful Pain.”

    In the music video for “Beautiful Pain,” each member is seen looking solemn and introspective as they sing about bittersweetly reflecting on the past after the end of a relationship, a powerful parallel to the group’s recent emotions as members slowly begin to serve their impulsive military service.

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    JENNIE – SOLO Free MP3 Download

    Nov. 9 (UPI) — Black Pink singer Jennie is giving fans a glimpse of her solo music. Black Pink singer Jennie teases solo music.

    JENNIE - SOLO Free MP3 Download

    About JENNIE – SOLO:

    The 22-year-old K-pop star shared a clip from her “Solo” video Thursday ahead of her solo debut this month.

    The teaser features several shots of Jennie in different outfits and locations. Black Pink’s agency, YG Entertainment, promoted the video on its official Twitter account.

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    24hrs – Met Gala Free MP3 Download

    24Hrs & PnB Rock Flex Like They’re At The “Met Gala” On New Collab. 24Hrs and PnB Rock link up on their new song, “Met Gala.”

    24hrs - Met Gala Free MP3 Download

    About 24hrs – Met Gala:

    24hrs has been on a serious grind over the past few years, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the game while establishing himself as an artist. We’re still waiting on his new project, Houses On The Hill which fans were expecting to drop in September, but it was pushed back by two months. As he inches towards its Nov. 16th release date, he gives fans a little teaser of what to expect with his new song, “Met Gala.”

    24Hrs returns with some upbeat vibes on his new single, “Met Gala” ft. PnB Rock. With his debut album dropping next week, the rapper took to Twitter yesterday and wrote, “Fuck it I should leak this Pnbrock song.” He kept to his word and delivered another smooth cut off of his forthcoming project, Houses On The Hill.

    Peep their new collab below and keep your eyes peeled for Houses On The Hill dropping next week.

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    Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Offset Features On Madison Beer’s Fiery New Song “Hurts Like Hell” Madison Beer unleashes a new song for her conniving ex.

    Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell Free MP3 Download

    About Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell:

    As we all wait for the new solo album from Offset to release, he’s been hard at work doing features and recording for Culture III. 19-year-old singer Madison Beer must have dropped a hefty bag because she was able to secure the services of Offset for her latest single. The Migos have shown that they’re unafraid to move into the pop music world with their features. Quavo has done it countless times and Offset has ventured into questionable territory himself. Takeoff is the only one that has been strict about his limitations. On “Hurts Like Hell,” Madison Beer sings about somebody who did her dirty and Set comes in at the end for a guest verse.

    Beer won’t let anybody mess with her and if you do, she’ll happily call you out in her music. The new song has her going on about how she hopes her boo is feeling horrible now that they’re through. Set offers some advice in his verse, speaking out against a woman that messed up his train of thought. The break-up song is pretty elementary but emotions are real and both Madison and Offset have something to say about failed relationships.

    Listen to the track and let us know what you think.

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    Harry Hudson – Just Slide Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Jaden Smith Assists Harry Hudson On New Single “Just Slide” Harry Hudson and Jaden Smith join forces on their new collab, “Just Slide.”

    Harry Hudson - Just Slide Free MP3 Download

    About Harry Hudson – Just Slide:

    Jaden Smith is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming project, The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story next week. The actor/rapper/son of Will Smith has been on a serious grind this year. He went on tour with J. Cole earlier this year, collaborated with Young Thug for On The Rvn highlight, “Sin” and more. With The Sunset Tapes set to drop next week, the rapper assists Harry Hudson on their new collaboration, “Just Slide.”

    Harry Hudson returns with his latest single, “Just Slide” featuring Jaden Smith. Their new collaboration was co-produced by Mike Dean, Jess Jackson, and John Ho. Hudson delivers an emotional, heartfelt ballad on “Just Slide.” It’s a smooth effort that serves as his follow-up to his debut album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night. Smith and Hudson have worked on numerous occasions in the past on songs like “E,” “Ninety (Electric)” and more.

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