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    Euroz – Need My Wants Free MP3 Download

    Euroz Keeps It Moving With Smooth “Need My Wants” Euroz laments with style.

    Euroz - Need My Wants Free MP3 Download

    About Euroz – Need My Wants:

    Two years back, Euroz ended his run on a high note, dropping off the Two Birds One Stone album. For the most part, the project provided a welcome glimpse into his artistic versatility, focusing on the dual nature of his musical personality. While the man has a foothold on more melodic territory, he’s certainly no slouch at spitting bars. Today, Euroz has returned with a foray into the former, dropping off a new single called “Need My Wants,” set to arrive on his upcoming album For What It’s Worth.

    The track finds Euroz taking to a low-key synth progression, lamenting over a relationship gone-left. While his words certainly speak to a hopeless romantic, Euroz makes sure to ensure his ex-lover that the Henny isn’t choosing his words, but rather, his heart. It’s not the flashiest offering, and one has to wonder what role it plays in the grand scheme of his upcoming album, but “Need My Wants” is a welcome addition to the expansive Euroz catalog. Peep the single now, and keep a watchful eye out for that new Euroz joint.

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    DJ Scheme – Hey Mister Free MP3 Download

    Ski Mask The Slump God Flows All Over DJ Scheme’s “Hey Mister” The final version of “Hey Mister” is officially out.

    DJ Scheme - Hey Mister Free MP3 Download

    About DJ Scheme – Hey Mister:

    A few months ago, DJ Scheme started teasing some new music with Ski Mask the Slump God and Juice WRLD. The track, titled “Hey Mister,” had fans pretty excited to hear the finished product. DJ Scheme was one of XXXTentacion’s right-hand men, working closely with many young Florida talents. Finally, “Hey Mister” has arrived but Juice WRLD is nowhere to be found on the released version.

    Produced by Henry Daher, the new track is gloomy before Ski Mask runs into some quick-paced bars. Despite the fact that Juice’s verse was left out, fans are still stoked that they’re finally able to check out the song after such a long time replaying the snippet. Perhaps Juice WRLD will be featured on the album version?

    Like many of Ski Mask’s songs, his verses are playful yet powerful, switching up his entire delivery on multiple occasions. During the hook, Ski goes for a softer side before tapping into his grimy bars. As always, we get a flurry of the artist’s trademark ad-libs with tons of “water” and “yuh”s added in.

    What do you think of this new track from DJ Scheme and Ski Mask the Slump God? Are you hoping the version with Juice WRLD gets released?

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    Doeman – Southside Kings Free MP3 Download

    Doeman & Maxo Kream Become “Southside Kings” On New Single. Doeman and Maxo Kream represent Houston on their new single.

    Doeman - Southside Kings Free MP3 Download

    About Doeman – Southside Kings:

    Doeman is already well-established in Houston but now is his time to shine outside of Texas. Today marks a big day in his career with the release of his new single “Southside Kings.” Doeman is linking up with Maxo Kream to deliver an eclectic mix, blending rock-inspired instrumentals with gritty vocals to explore new territories. It sounds as though the drums may have been recorded live, which definitely doesn’t happen often enough these days in hip-hop.

    Produced by DJ Nobody, “Southside Kings” sees H-Town’s Doeman and Maxo putting on their crowns ahead of Doe’s new album release. He is currently working on Barrio God II, which will be backed strongly by this track. As always, Maxo’s ad-libs are a gift here. Listen closely and let us know your thoughts.

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    Higher Brothers – Open It Up Free MP3 Download

    Higher Brothers Want To Start A Mosh Pit In “Open It Up” They actually rhymed 88rising with “Michael Tyson.”

    Higher Brothers - Open It Up Free MP3 Download

    About Higher Brothers – Open It Up:

    Higher Brothers are one of the only Chinese rap acts to make it into the American mainstream, which is a pretty impressive task in itself. The crew are known to get pretty hype, learning the traditional moshpit-inciting phrase “Open It Up” at Rolling Loud Bay Area. The group managed to shift some soft piano keys into an energetic record asking their fans to get crazy in the crowd for their new song. “Open It Up” is the latest single from Higher Brothers, introducing the group’s sophomore album for a February release.

    Five Stars will be out on February 22 but before that, we can expect to hear some more from the Chinese rap group. They reached new heights in 2018 and are looking to continue their prosperity this year. Are you looking forward to their new album?

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    Lil Peep – 16 Lines Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Lil Peep – 16 Lines! A song from Lil in 2017!

    Lil Peep - 16 Lines Free MP3 Download

    About Lil Peep – 16 Lines:

    16 Lines is the sixth track on the posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 from late rapper Lil Peep.

    It was previously leaked through the internet on June 14, 2017 onto Lil Peep’s SoundCloud account, before it was later taken down. A music video was then uploaded by Peep’s videographer, Wiggy onto his Twitter after Peep’s untimely death on November 15th, 2017.

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    ASTRO – All Night Free MP3 Download

    Group Astro (ASTRO) has released a music teaser video for the title song ‘All Night’.

    ASTRO - All Night Free MP3 Download

    About ASTRO – All Night:

    On the 15th, Astro (Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, MJ, Jin Jin, Raky, Yun Sang Ha) will post their first full album ‘All Light’ title song ‘All Night’ music video teaser on the official SNS channel did.

    Astro members appear in different spaces such as bathtubs, gardens, and glass booths, and they catch their eyes as mysterious aura. Also, Astro’s deep emotions can give a glimpse of their mature atmosphere, raising the curiosity and expectation of the music video.

    ‘All Night’ music video captures the mysterious Astro charm in a dreamy atmosphere. I visualize the heart of my beloved lover by comparing it to the image of a fantastic garden like a beautifully bloomed flower and a dreamy image, and express the flower of Gardener Astro in various meanings such as love, heart, etc. and announce the birth of a sensational music video .

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    Agent Sasco – Banks of the Hope (Remix) Free MP3 Download

    Popcaan Joins Agenst Sasco On “Banks Of The Hope” Remix. Agent Sasco gets some assistance from Popcaan on the remix of “Bank Of The Hope.”

    Agent Sasco - Banks of the Hope (Remix) Free MP3 Download

    About Agent Sasco – Banks of the Hope:

    Agent Sasco released his project, Hope River this past summer. The project featured the single, “Bank Of The Hope” which caught waves over the past few months. To kick off the year, Sasco delivers the remix to the track featuring Popcaan.

    Popcaan delivers two new verses on his latest collaboration with Agent Sasco on the remix of “Bank of The Hope.” Sasco holds down the hook and adds a new verse to the mix while giving Popcaan the chance to shine on the record. This serves as their third collaboration in the past few years. Sasco and Popcaan teamed up on Gorillaz “Saturnz Barz” and also appeared together on Dre Skull’s remix of Jamie XX’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times).”

    This also serves as Popcaan’s first offering since Drake announced that the Jamaican artist will officially be signed to OVO this year. Drake and Poppy have formed a great bond over the years, although we haven’t heard any official collaborations between them. Hopefully, that’ll change this year.

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    SAFE – 01 SAFE FREESTYLE.mp3 Free MP3 Download

    SAFE Unleashes Bouncy New Freestyle To Start The Year. Toronto’s SAFE lets go of a fire new freestyle.

    SAFE - 01 SAFE FREESTYLE.mp3 Free MP3 Download

    About SAFE – 01 SAFE FREESTYLE.mp3:

    SAFE is one of the more exciting artists coming out of Toronto right now. Last year, he came through with a few solid efforts in “No Diamonds” and “No Answer.” He didn’t release very many songs in 2018 but he’s already starting out this year with some heat. While this may just be short freestyle, it’s better than most artists’ written raps. In what may become a series, the first “SAFE FREESTYLE” of the year is a melodic effort that is both sonically pleasing and late-night drive session ready.

    In the track, SAFE says he’s out here making “boss moves” and you can hear it in the way his sound has evolved. 2019 has the potential to be a big year for the Toronto singer.

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    Mike Posner – Noah’s Ark Free MP3 Download

    Mike Posner Gets Real In New Single “Noah’s Ark” “The rest comes January 18.”

    Mike Posner - Noah's Ark Free MP3 Download

    About Mike Posner – Noah’s Ark:

    Mike Posner has made some big money over the course of his career with songs like “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and “Cooler Than Me.” Both of those efforts blasted the singer to a new level but that’s not all that Mike Posner is. The artist prides himself on being just a regular guy from Detroit. One of the first things he says in his newest single “Noah’s Ark” is that he had a 3.5 GPA at Duke University. He wants people to know he’s more than just a hit song about taking drugs in Spain. With a new album on the way later this week, Posner decided to give his fans a quick introduction before the real thing.

    “Noah’s Ark” tells a story about his life, comparing what’s he’s done to an instruction manual on how to “not be boring.” As always, the artist comes through with some entertaining lines that will stick with you. A Real Good Kid is coming out on January 18 and considering this is a warm-up for the full project, it feels like the upcoming work will be much more introspective than his past work. How do you feel about this one?

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    Take a Daytrip – Stressed Free MP3 Download

    Take A Daytrip & Octavian Want To Know Why You’re So “Stressed” Take A Daytrip are planning a trip around the world.

    Take a Daytrip - Stressed Free MP3 Download

    About Take a Daytrip – Stressed:

    When it comes to producers, there aren’t many acts hotter than Take A Daytrip right now. The duo is coming off a stellar year that introduced many to their brand of hard-hitting, 808-slapping beats. Of course, their biggest effort from last year has to be Sheck Wes’ “Mo Bamba” but their reach extended much further than that one hit. The two producers have worked with Lil West, Juice WRLD and many more. Now, they have plans to impact the United Kingdom’s gritty hip-hop scene and they’re starting with one of the biggest artists: Octavian.

    “Stressed” acts as the first single from the upcoming Take A Daytrip vs. London project, which will see Daytrip collaborate with a few more of the best that the U.K. has to offer. Have a listen to “Stressed” and let us know your thoughts.

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