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Lotto Savage – Trap No Mo Free MP3 Download

Lotto Savage Chases Bigger Dreams On “Trap No Mo” Lotto Savage assumes total control of his destiny on “Trap No Mo.”

Lotto Savage - Trap No Mo Free MP3 Download

About Lotto Savage – Trap No Mo:

Slaughter Gang member Lotto Savage isn’t about to let a grudge from yesteryear derail his success. Savage might share his namesake with a lovable psycho, but that’s where the similarities, on the basis of his character. His intentions are made evident on his latest single “Trap No Mo.” Lotto explained his career outlook with our editorial lead.

“Comin’ where I’m from in the streets of ATL, staying out of jail has been the story of my life,” he wrote with every intention of getting his message across a broader platform. He’s seen enough in his lifetime to warrant a change of course – away from muddy waters of crime, poverty, and of course, the pervasiveness of drug abuse in the community, which he understands all too well.

His new single “Trap No Mo,” produced by StupidXool, elucidates this desire for change like no other. Generally-speaking, rappers cut in his image wouldn’t dare announce their departure, at the risk of appearing soft. But Lotto Savage, now based out of Florida State, is knocking down every wall in his path, from the Gullahs in the South Carolina to the Bed & Baths up in Boca Raton. Check out his Twitter for a broader look into his daily-grind.

Take a listen to The song down below:






Trap-No-Mo Mp3 320 Free Download





Quotable Lyrics:

I don’t wanna trap no mo’
Got coke on my clothes
Got coke on the floor
Call the plug, tell ’em send me some mo’.


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