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IDK – Why Free MP3 Download

IDK Brings Back A 50 Cent Classic On “Why?”. IDK lays waste to everyone who used to be the man in high school.

IDK - Why Free MP3 Download

About IDK – Why:

As the idiom goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Such is the case on IDK’s “Why?,” a reinterpretation of 50 Cent’s classic “Wanksta,” which finds the Maryland rapper preserving the iconic chorus melody. After all, it would appear that fake gangstas have yet to dissipate from the game; according to IDK’s latest thesis, they’re more prevalent than ever. Now, the rapper has come for the jugular, sliding over the J-Praize & Sha Money XL instrumental with a dexterous flow. His frustration can be summarized in the following lines: “you turn to snitch as soon as you see the red and blue sirens, you got beef you grab the heat and IG live it.”

IDK also namedrops Akademiks, claiming that many rapper aspirants forego quality music in favor of curating an appearance. While some may feel such thematic explorations can feel crotchety in nature, IDK delivers his musings with a practiced flow, rapping circles around those in his weight class. In short, stepping onto a 50 Cent classic is no easy feat, but IDK held it down and then some.

Take a listen to The song down below:






Why Mp3 320 Free Download






Quotable Lyrics

You pull up skirt, click, shots fired
Glock nine, Fox five helicopter
Killer they cannot find
That’s a fuckin lie, if you really did it,
Why the fuck you put it in your rhymes?
You just dropped a fuckin’ dime, stupid!

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