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Kyle Dion – Not All the Way Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Kyle Dion Delivers Much Soul On “Not All The Way” Listen to Kyle Dion’s “Not All The Way.”

Kyle Dion - Not All the Way Free MP3 Download

About Kyle Dion – Not All the Way:

The arrival of singer Kyle Dion’s forthcoming album will soon be upon us. But before it gets here, Dion has been gifting our ears with addictive previews, starting things off with “Brown,” and leading us into tracks such as “Cool Side Of The Pillow,” “Spend It,” and now, “Not All The Way.”

On the newest cut, the old school elements that have colored the tracks before it persist with crisp falsettos and hooking bass lines underscoring the dreamy new persona that Kyle Dion has crafted throughout the creation of this new project.

“Without giving too much away, this mysterious character is the sort of man that has it all – women, money, travel – he even has love and he feels untouchable,” Dion previously explained of the alter ego present on his album.

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Mariah Carey – Giving Me Life Free MP3 Download

Mariah Carey, Slick Rick & Blood Orange Deliver “Giving Me Life” Mariah Carey is hard at work on the comeback trail.

Mariah Carey - Giving Me Life Free MP3 Download

About Mariah Carey – Giving Me Life:

Last week, Slick Rick remerged after an elongated period of inactivity to announce the 30-year anniversary edition of his classic debut. The news brought tears of joy to fans who’ve endured the antiquated recording on the original “remaster.” Not once did it occur to me, that Slick Rick might be planning a return to the gridlock like he has just now, on Mariah Carey’s 3rd single for her forthcoming comeback project Caution.

Slick Rick the Ruler has appeared on the odd track here and there, but never in a unified manner, not since the late 2000s when he dusted off his britches to trade verses with OutKast, then in 2009 on Raekwon’s OB4CL II, where his slick cadence was the perfect compliment to the Wu-snares.

And yet, Slick Rick isn’t the only notable guest on Mimi’s “Giving Me Life.” That privilege goes to artist goes to the artist formerly known as Blood Orange. I couldn’t have scripted this one myself. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mariah Carey – Stay Long Love You Free MP3 Download

Mariah Carey & Gunna Redefine Thug Luv On “Stay Long Love You” The chemistry between Mariah Carey and Gunna is a welcome surprise.

Mariah Carey - Stay Long Love You Free MP3 Download

About Mariah Carey – Stay Long Love You:

The late-nineties, or perhaps the early millennium is evident within the opening moments of “Stay Long.” Mariah Carey has long integrated herself into the hip-hop realm, collaborating with Jay-Z and ODB among others, even “beefing” with Eminem. Now, Mimi has come through with her new Caution album, linking up with Gunna for a highlight contribution. Evocative of such romantic bangers like “I’m Real,” Mariah and Gunna reflect on their lust-driven chemistry, exchanging fantasies worthy of the “erotica” section.

Gunna, ever the romantic, makes his intention abundantly clear. “I wake up to you in the morning and eat that pussy up for lunch,” he sings, an equal opportunity lover. Mariah keeps the mischevious tone alive, matching Gunna’s open-door policy with an explorer’s curiosity. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a “thug luv” banger this refined, and Mariah and Gunna prove that some formulas are timeless in nature.

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AUGUST 08 – Spiral Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

August 08 Can’t Help But To “Spiral” Out Of Control On Latest Single. Love is an emotion filled with twists and turns.

AUGUST 08 - Spiral Free MP3 Download

About AUGUST 08 – Spiral:

Contemporary R&B newcomer August 08 has touched down with a fresh single. August has been building his resume behind the scenes for years as a songwriter and back up vocalist, and Wale’s “Fashion Week” and DJ Khaled‘s “I’m the One” are two hits that August 08 helped construct. For his own single, entitled “Spiral,” August 08 lays down honey sweet vocals over a slow tempo pop banger.

The love song is timeless, which is why artists revisit the topic at every opportunity possible. August 08 sings about a love that has him spiraling out of control as he reminisces about a lover that has obviously dug their hooks into his soul.

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Ari Lennox – No One Free MP3 Download

Ari Lennox Spoils Her Fans With New Track “No One” Dreamville’s soulful songstress delivers another new track.

Ari Lennox - No One Free MP3 Download

About Ari Lennox – No One:

What did we do to deserve four new songs from Ari Lennox? Seemingly nothing but the Dreamville crooner definitely delivered with a handful of fresh songs for us to digest. It will be difficult to pick a favorite but “No One” is a strong contender. A few days ago, the singer dropped “Grampa” and “40 Shades of Choke” from out of nowhere. She decided to follow up the surprise with a new duo, unleashing “No One” and “Pedigree.”

Lennox does what she does best here, harmonizing with herself in a beautiful fashion and singing about her struggles with relationships, love, and friendship. Ari is clearly an underrated talent, which she’s proving right now. It’s pretty clear why J. Cole decided to sign her to Dreamville and if she continues to release singles like this, she’ll be a true force to be reckoned with in the R&B and Soul landscapes.

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Ari Lennox – Pedigree Free MP3 Download

Ari Lennox Is Back With Her New Song “Pedigree” Ari Lennox is back with a few more tracks.

Ari Lennox - Pedigree Free MP3 Download

About Ari Lennox – Pedigree:

It was announced yesterday that Ari Lennox would be collaborating with J. Cole on the Creed II soundtrack. While the two Dreamville artists have not yet released “Shea Butter Baby,” Lennox has been hard at work in the last few weeks, releasing a handful of new offerings. Near the midway mark of the year, “Whipped Cream” remained one of the only singles the songstress had dropped but the same cannot be said today as she’s unleashed a total of four fresh songs upon us.

A few days ago, Ari shared “Grampa” and “40 Shades of Choke” and today, she’s come through with two more works. “Pedigree” had been previewed during live-streams on Instagram and now, the Dreamville voice has officially released the complete version. Clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s a short track but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking any soul.

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A.CHAL – La Dueña Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

A.CHAL Previews New EP With “LA DUEÑA” A.CHAL drops off “LA DUEÑA.”

A.CHAL - La Dueña Free MP3 Download

About A.CHAL – La Dueña:

A.CHAL is getting ready to deliver on his EXOTIGAZ EP in December, but before that arrives, he’s gifting listeners with another preview of the effort in the form of his latest LA DUEÑA single, featuring an appearance from Darell. The song originally appeared on the Superfly film soundtrack, and most recently received an official release via A.CHAl as it earns a spot on the forthcoming EXOTIGAZ EP.

“EXOTIGAZ is a mood that combines the energy of the women and clubs in Miami with the attitude of the cowboys in Texas and Cali,” he says. “The EP defines where I’m at right now and is only an introduction to all the music that I’ve been making.”

He adds: “I’m giving the fans what I’ve been holding back from them for a while now. It’s an appetizer to hold you off until the album drops. I got something for everybody in there. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

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Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Offset Features On Madison Beer’s Fiery New Song “Hurts Like Hell” Madison Beer unleashes a new song for her conniving ex.

Madison Beer - Hurts Like Hell Free MP3 Download

About Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell:

As we all wait for the new solo album from Offset to release, he’s been hard at work doing features and recording for Culture III. 19-year-old singer Madison Beer must have dropped a hefty bag because she was able to secure the services of Offset for her latest single. The Migos have shown that they’re unafraid to move into the pop music world with their features. Quavo has done it countless times and Offset has ventured into questionable territory himself. Takeoff is the only one that has been strict about his limitations. On “Hurts Like Hell,” Madison Beer sings about somebody who did her dirty and Set comes in at the end for a guest verse.

Beer won’t let anybody mess with her and if you do, she’ll happily call you out in her music. The new song has her going on about how she hopes her boo is feeling horrible now that they’re through. Set offers some advice in his verse, speaking out against a woman that messed up his train of thought. The break-up song is pretty elementary but emotions are real and both Madison and Offset have something to say about failed relationships.

Listen to the track and let us know what you think.

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Tiffany Evans – Switch Up Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Tiffany Evans Gets Real On “Switch Up” Tiffany Evans returns with “Switch Up.”

Tiffany Evans - Switch Up Free MP3 Download

About Tiffany Evans – Switch Up:

Just one week after opening up about an abusive relationship in a now-deleted social media post, singer Tiffany Evans has entered comeback mode with her “Switch Up” break up anthem.

“’Switch Up’ is another way of me saying ‘fuck you’ to an ex. It took me so long to finally say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I’m going out tonight and going to kick it with someone who’s going to show me a good time,” the singer tells Billboard.

Arriving as the first piece of a full album that is set to follow up her 2015 All Me project.

“I wanted the record to have balance. I wanted something light and vibey with just enough kick because the lyrics are serious,” Evans adds “Most of the song was freestyled because I was going through so much, that made it easy for me to express what I was feeling.”

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JAYLIEN – Pretty Woman Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

JAYLIEN Teases “Summer’s Over 2” With “Pretty Woman” JAYLIEN previews “Summer’s Over 2.”

JAYLIEN - Pretty Woman Free MP3 Download

About JAYLIEN – Pretty Woman:

2016 marked the arrival of singer Jaylien’s Summer’s Over album–a strong introduction for those getting familiar with the St. Louis native. Now, two years later, he’s readying his follow-up with Summer’s Over 2, set to debut on November 30th. But, just before that arrives, Jaylien is giving listeners a taste with his latest “Pretty Woman” single.

The cut is produced and written by the multihyphenate and his latest offering to enter his solo catalog since shifting gears from his tenure as a storied songwriter, working with the likes of, Britney Spears, Akon, Chris Brown, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg.

Currently, Summer’s Over 2 is available for pre-order, with an advanced listen to the project’s title track attached to each purchase. Until it arrives in full, get acquainted with “Pretty Woman.”

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