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Elle Varner – Pour Me Free MP3 Download

Elle Varner Enlists Wale For “Pour Me” Pour it up.

Elle Varner - Pour Me Free MP3 Download

About Elle Varner – Pour Me:

Where has Elle Varner been? She dropped off a single in September entitled “Loving U Blind,” but that was her first song in years. After the release of “Loving U Blind,” fans began to speculate that Varner was coming through with a new album by year’s end. That album never appeared. Now, to kick off the New Year, Varner is back with another single. This time, she grabs Wale for a more hip-hop influenced jam called “Pour Me.”

As the name suggest, “Pour Me” is a single about drinking that leads Varner to think about a lover. Wale opens the song with a poetic verse, and comes back to conclude his thoughts near the end of the track. The instrumental for “Pour Me” is gorgeous, employing sweeping piano keys to give the song a classic vibe.

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Ariana Grande – 7 rings Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Ariana Grande Is Mesmerizing In New Video For “7 Rings” Grande flexes it out.

Ariana Grande - 7 rings Free MP3 Download

About Ariana Grande – 7 rings:

Ariana Grande’s latest single was birthed on a drunken day in New York City. The gorgeous and talented singer told Billboard, “It was a… challenging fall day in New York. Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy. You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.” The seven rings inspired Grande to create “7 Rings,” which comes along with a new music video.

In the Hannah Lux Davis directed video, Grande flexes her body all over the kitchen as she throws a wild house party. Although there are several scenes filled with jovial partying, it’s hard to keep your eyes off Grande as she performs her own interpolation of the classic tune “My Favorite Things” from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music.

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Lizzo – Juice Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Lizzo’s Got The “Juice,” Enough To Keep Funk Going Skrong. Lizzo has retro chops to spare.

Lizzo - Juice Free MP3 Download

About Lizzo – Juice:

There’s always a lane reserved for retro-tinted spinsters like Lizzo on the scene. But don’t let the retro-fitted tropes fool you into thinking Lizzo is nothing more than a novelty act. If you’ve heard the influence of Prince sput up in her music, that’s because she too hails from Minneapolis, the breeding ground for Funk in the NorthEast.

“Minny” wasn’t touted a funky minefield before Prince left his mark. After setting local club circuit ablaze – Prince took his borderless vision to new horizons, leaving sediments on the ground for future generations to pick apart.

In her music video for “Juice,” Lizzo conjures up images of old – specifically those concerned with preserving the funky minefield in “Minny” for years to come. The Quinn Wilson-directed video is conceptually centered around an 80s fitness video. Lizzo closes the video and song by taking the stage with swan-song harmonists in matching outfits. Familiarize yourself fast, “Juice” is about to blow.

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August Alsina – Like You Love Me Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

August Alsina Drops Steamy Single “Like You Love Me” Alsina is back with another bedroom banger.

August Alsina - Like You Love Me Free MP3 Download

About August Alsina – Like You Love Me:

August Alsina wasn’t roped into the King of R&B conversation like several other artists, but he’s making a splash this month regardless. It’s been a while since “I Luv This Shit” dropped and Alsina is eager to shake up the game. His 2014 album Testimony was a breath of fresh air, but his follow up This Thing Called Life was largely ignored. After a tumultuous relationship with Def Jam, Alsina is back to bless his fans with a new single. “Like You Love Me” is another steamy bedroom banger, and it’s sure to be the background music to some procreation this holiday season.

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Bobby V. – King Me Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Bobby V Enters “King Of R&B” Discussion With “King Me” Bobby V returns.

Bobby V. - King Me Free MP3 Download

About Bobby V. – King Me:

For all its controversy, Jacquees’s “King Of R&B” debate has ignited a very necessary fire within the genre as of late, and apparently, we’re getting new offerings as a result.

The latest veteran to give young Que a run for his money happens to be none other than Bobby V (“Slow Down,” “Tell Me”), who now returns with the aptly-titled “King Me” as Bobby issues a melodic warning as he asserts: “No autotune can’t save ya/I’m the R&B savior/Been independent all these years/Pull up the same numbers but you got a deal.”

In the track’s hook, Bobby V, whose eighth studio album arrived this year, directly addresses the ongoing topic of just who is the king of what, and quite honestly, while “R&Beef” is a was coined as a meme-worthy joke, it may turn out to be a well of strong outputs if wielded correctly.

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Juice WRLD – Hide Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Juice WRLD Swoons Over Unstable Baddies On “Hide”. Juice WRLD & Seezyn pen a melancholic love letter.

Juice WRLD - Hide Free MP3 Download

About Juice WRLD – Hide:

Juice WRLD has been keeping busy. Short of being the hardest working young up-and-comer in the game, it seems as if his output is doubling exponentially with every passing day. Today, the young singer has come through with yet another melodic cut, this time stemming from the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack. Given the film’s family-friendly nature, Juice has forsaken his WRLD On Drugs persona in favor of the Casanova-type, penning a melancholic love letter that might find itself beneath many-an-IG-caption in the coming days.

Over a reflective guitar progression, Juice allows himself room to reflect, his vocals sitting squarely in their comfort zone. The “emo” inspirations can occasionally prove overbearing, though Juice keeps things restrained on this go-around, much to the song’s benefit; his message still comes across, but it feels all the more sincere. Seezyn keeps up with Juice’s pace, adding a second voice to the mix while helping to round out the vibe.

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Kelly Rowland – Kelly Free MP3 Download

Kelly Rowland Drops Off Self-Titled Single On Thanksgiving. Thank you Kelly.

Kelly Rowland - Kelly Free MP3 Download

About Kelly Rowland – Kelly:

Kelly Rowland has been quiet on the music front for quite some time. The former Destiny’s Child member dropped her album Talk A Good Game in 2013, and has been behind the scenes ever since. On this thankful holiday, Rowland has ended her musical silence with a self-titled single. “Kelly” is a fresh banger that draws heavy influence from the Atlanta trap sound.

Rowland knows the importance of self-love. She sings about her lavish life and gives herself props on the new single. At the same time, Rowland reminds listeners that she has her foot on the competition’s throat, singing that she refuses to remain humble anymore. She walks a thin line between rapping and singing and sounds more confident than ever over the bass-heavy instrumental. If we’re lucky, Rowland will deliver a new album sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy “Kelly.” Listen below and let us know what you think of this new music.

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Trey Songz – JILL (SUMN REAL) Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Trey Songz Flips Jill Scott In New “JILL (SUMN REAL)” Track. Jill Scott’s got Trey Songz in his feelings.

Trey Songz - JILL (SUMN REAL) Free MP3 Download

About Trey Songz – JILL:

We knew the musical references to Jill Scott would arrive sooner or later.

Just when and how was left up to debate, but it looks like Trey Songz is wasting no time in employing the neo-soul veteran as his muse after catching wind of that viral clip featuring Ms. Scott and one lucky microphone.

Trigga has come out of the woodwork to deliver on the new track “JILL (SUMN REAL).” Produced by A-WALL, the song samples Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me” track, found on her 2000 Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 album, and to our surprise, it’s a vibe.

To be sure that his point makes it home, Trey also uses a shot of Jill Scott onstage during that particular performance as his cover. So far, Jill Scott hasn’t responded to Trigga’s proposal, but she hasn’t shied away from letting everyone know that her simulation of oral sex was not confined to that one performance. “You should cum to my shows,” she tweeted.

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Wolftyla – No Regrets Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Wolftyla Moves On With “No Regrets” Wolftyla shares “No Regrets.”

Wolftyla - No Regrets Free MP3 Download

About Wolftyla – No Regrets:

In her latest offering, Wolftyle is moving on.

Dropping off her “No Regrets” cut, produced Fraathouse, Tyle effectively issues a PSA to live by as she decides to walk away from a relationship gone bad: “I’m way too grown to play all these games/Saying you love me and you’re trying to change/I’ve heard it all before.” “No Regrets” follows up on the “Falling For Your Love” single, released earlier this month.

All the while, each new drop is another buffer between listeners and Tyla’s debut album. The project was originally slated to get here at the top of this year but has yet to arrive. So far, she’s offered no solid indication on just when that effort will be delivered. For now, get into “No Regrets.”

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Kyle Dion – Not All the Way Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Kyle Dion Delivers Much Soul On “Not All The Way” Listen to Kyle Dion’s “Not All The Way.”

Kyle Dion - Not All the Way Free MP3 Download

About Kyle Dion – Not All the Way:

The arrival of singer Kyle Dion’s forthcoming album will soon be upon us. But before it gets here, Dion has been gifting our ears with addictive previews, starting things off with “Brown,” and leading us into tracks such as “Cool Side Of The Pillow,” “Spend It,” and now, “Not All The Way.”

On the newest cut, the old school elements that have colored the tracks before it persist with crisp falsettos and hooking bass lines underscoring the dreamy new persona that Kyle Dion has crafted throughout the creation of this new project.

“Without giving too much away, this mysterious character is the sort of man that has it all – women, money, travel – he even has love and he feels untouchable,” Dion previously explained of the alter ego present on his album.

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