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ASTRO – All Night Free MP3 Download

Group Astro (ASTRO) has released a music teaser video for the title song ‘All Night’.

ASTRO - All Night Free MP3 Download

About ASTRO – All Night:

On the 15th, Astro (Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, MJ, Jin Jin, Raky, Yun Sang Ha) will post their first full album ‘All Light’ title song ‘All Night’ music video teaser on the official SNS channel did.

Astro members appear in different spaces such as bathtubs, gardens, and glass booths, and they catch their eyes as mysterious aura. Also, Astro’s deep emotions can give a glimpse of their mature atmosphere, raising the curiosity and expectation of the music video.

‘All Night’ music video captures the mysterious Astro charm in a dreamy atmosphere. I visualize the heart of my beloved lover by comparing it to the image of a fantastic garden like a beautifully bloomed flower and a dreamy image, and express the flower of Gardener Astro in various meanings such as love, heart, etc. and announce the birth of a sensational music video .

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NCT DREAM – Candle Light Free MP3 Download

A new song from famous k-pop singers “NCT DREAM” called “Candle Light.”

NCT DREAM - Candle Light Free MP3 Download

About NCT DREAM – Candle Light:

Group NCT DREAM (Neciti Dream, SM Entertainment) announces a winter song featuring warm sensations.

NC ‘DREAM’ s Winter Song ‘Candle Light’ will be released on the 27th of this afternoon at 6 pm Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty , And Shamisen music.

The song ‘Candle Light’ is a mid-tempo pop song in a bright mood with a harmonious mix of acoustic guitar sound and NCT DREAM’s vocals. The song, written by member Mark, is a thank you to family, friends and lovers. And it is expected to provide a warm winter feeling.

Also, prior to the release of the soundtrack, the teaser image, which contains various aspects of NCT DREAM through the ‘STATION’ account of various SNS such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., is being amplified.

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BTOB – Beautiful Pain Free MP3 Download

BTOB sings of bittersweet endings in emotional MV for ‘Beautiful Pain’. BTOB is back with a brand new album!

BTOB - Beautiful Pain Free MP3 Download

About BTOB – Beautiful Pain:

The group released ‘Hour Moment’ on November 12, a special album including the emotional title track “Beautiful Pain.”

In the music video for “Beautiful Pain,” each member is seen looking solemn and introspective as they sing about bittersweetly reflecting on the past after the end of a relationship, a powerful parallel to the group’s recent emotions as members slowly begin to serve their impulsive military service.

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JENNIE – SOLO Free MP3 Download

Nov. 9 (UPI) — Black Pink singer Jennie is giving fans a glimpse of her solo music. Black Pink singer Jennie teases solo music.

JENNIE - SOLO Free MP3 Download


The 22-year-old K-pop star shared a clip from her “Solo” video Thursday ahead of her solo debut this month.

The teaser features several shots of Jennie in different outfits and locations. Black Pink’s agency, YG Entertainment, promoted the video on its official Twitter account.

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BTS – ‘IDOL’ Free MP3 Download + English Lyrics

Here is a new song from BTS K-Pop singers!


About BTS – ‘IDOL’:

K-pop phenomenon BTS released their new album, Love Yourself: Answer, today and had a pretty big surprise for their listeners: a feature from Nicki Minaj.

The Queen rapper appears on an alternate version of the album’s lead single “Idol.” The Minaj version is only available on digital editions of the album and was announced just hours before it was released by BTS’ label. The dance track is a booming party-starter featuring the elements of hip-hop that the boy band is known to entangle in their pop sound. Minaj’s verse includes shout-outs to Korea, Gucci and John Mayer with Minaj’s typical penchant for comical wordplay taking centerstage.

Love Yourself: Answer is a compilation album from BTS –  K-pop’s biggest act and the genre’s first artist to reach Number One the Billboard 200 –  that wraps up and connects the series of Love Yourself albums and EPs released by the septet. It features a mix of previously-released and new songs to create a concept album about post-breakup emotional development.


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Red Velvet – Power Up Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

And here they are, Red Velvet is back with their new EP called “Power Up.”

Red Velvet - Power Up

About Red Velvet – Power Up:

Red Velvet return with a new EP which set to dropped today August 6 and the The K-pop stars will release the EP Summer Magic with the following single with the dopiest visaul music video which a lot of people are so excited to heard from them this season.

Summer Magic will feature this song and six other tracks. This song is described as an up-tempo song with a melody reminiscent of 8-bit-style video games and lyrics conveying a “work hard, play harder” summer vibe.

Billboard said Summer Magic will include an English-language version of Red Velvet’s single “Bad Boy.” The song originally appeared on the group’s EP The Perfect Red Velvet, a repackaged version of its album Perfect Velvet.


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SF9 – Now or Never

SF9 – Now or Never is a new K-Pop song.

SF9 - Now or Never

About SF9 – Now or Never :

This has been an active week for wonders as they have been spoiled left and right by SF9. From then the boys dropped their first music video teaser on July, they have been posting selcas and videos aiming to increase prospect in their upcoming comeback, even calling the week before they drop their album an “Unlimited Spoiler Week”. They began with teasers of the mysterious emotion version of their group as well as Youngbin, Rowoon and Dawon’s teaser pictures.


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지코 (ZICO) – SoulMate Ft. 아이유

지코 (ZICO) - SoulMate Ft. 아이유


About 지코 (ZICO) – SoulMate Ft. 아이유 :

Woo Ji-ho (Hangul: 우지호; born September 14, 1992), widely known by his stage name, Zico (Hangul: 지코), is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer-songwriter, and leader of the boy group Block B, signed under the label KQ Entertainment. He has released two solo albums, Gallery (2015) and Television (2017).

Zico is notable for his successful crossover skills in the Korean hip-hop scene, maintaining an underground reputation along with mainstream appeal as a Korean idol. He is also a producer of both K-pop and Korean hip-hop music. In 2015 he appeared as a producer with Paloalto of Hi-Lite Records in rap competition television show Show Me the Money 4 while in the show’s sixth season, he was in the producer team with his longtime colleague and friend Dean.

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J-hope – Daydream

J-hope – Daydream is a K-Pop song.

J-hope - Daydream

About J-hope – Daydream :

BTS took remarkable time to talk with the magazine about their preferred cities and countries to perform, as well as destinations they expect to play this year.Though the K-Pop impression commonly admitted that Brazil is now their favorite place to play, Suga was a little hesitant, admitting it’s hard to pick just one spot. “Every country and city is unique so I have many memories,” he told.

South America is “really different in terms of energy,” Suga added before calling his bandmate J-Hope the “prince of South America.” The compliment motivated J-Hope to sing a line from “Despacito,” which got a laugh from the rest of the group.After his impressive Spanish crooning, J-Hope sends a message to the BTS ARMY: “Dear fans, please wait for our next move.


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