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Dreezy – RIP Aretha Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Dreezy Drops “RIP Aretha,” Announces New Album “Big Dreez” Dreezy kicks off the campaign for her new project.

Dreezy - RIP Aretha Free MP3 Download

About Dreezy – RIP Aretha:

Dreezy’s been killing the game for a minute, but it’s been nearly three years since we received her last project, No Hard Feelings. Fans have been waiting for the follow-up to the project for a minute. In 2018, she came through with a few singles and delivered some memorable guest verses. She released her single, “Chanel Slides” featuring Kash Doll in December before rolling out the music video last weekend. Today, she announces her new album with her latest single, “RIP Aretha.”

Dreezy is back with her new single, “RIP Aretha” which is off her forthcoming project, Big Dreez. The single follows the release of “Chanel Slides” and “Where Them $ @” which dropped last year as well. Big Dreez is set to drop next week on Jan. 25th. The project features appearances from Kash Doll, Jacquees, Jeremih, Offset, and Derez Deshon. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Pouya – Superman Is Dead Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Pouya Declares That “SUPERMAN IS DEAD” Pouya is no longer Superman.

Pouya - Superman Is Dead Free MP3 Download

About Pouya – Superman Is Dead:

His last few songs, Pouya has been exploring new vibes. We’re used to hearing him so super hard over Mikey the Magician beats but these days, he seems to be switching his style a little in search of something a little more melodic. Of course, “Superman Is Dead” still starts out with Pouya dropping rapid-fire bars. His hook, on the other hand, is full of staccato singing, showcasing a softer side of the Floridians’ musical mind. Alongside the new song, Pouya has introduced us all to a fresh video.

The rapper takes on the role of Superman in the song, moving through a range of emotions. It all comes back to the different vibes that Pouya goes through too. The transition from Pouya to Superman is quite apparent when the vibe switches up but unfortunately, there isn’t a happy ending, as suggested in the title.

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Yung Pinch – Nightmares Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Pinch & Lil Skies Venture Into Their “Nightmares” In Collab Single. Lil Skies and Pinch collide in the new single.

Yung Pinch - Nightmares Free MP3 Download

About Yung Pinch – Nightmares:

For a while, Yung Pinch was releasing a new song every week. The approach made him into one of the more popular young artists from California. With his surfer swag and a gift for melody, Pinch appears to have dropped his prefix to move forward with a singular syllable as his moniker. Yesterday, we received some new music from rising talent Lil Skies and today, he features again on Pinch’s new single “Nightmares.

This is the first release of the year for the Huntington Beach rapper, marking the beginning of what should be a packed campaign for Pinch. The beach boy has collaborated with Skies in the past, dropping off “I Know You” last year to much praise. This is one of the better efforts we’ve heard from Pinch as he appears to be upping his game in the new year. How do you feel about the new track?

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Samm Henshaw – Church Free MP3 Download

EarthGang Join Samm Henshaw For Soulful Anthem “Church” Venus and Dot add their voices to Samm Henshaw’s congregation.

Samm Henshaw - Church Free MP3 Download

About Samm Henshaw – Church:

In the wake of the creative jubilance that was the Revenge Of The Dreamers III studio sessions, EarthGang have hit the ground running. The Atlanta-based duo of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been hard at work contributing to their label’s upcoming compilation, finessing the details of their upcoming MirrorLand album, and holding it down for the homie Samm Henshaw on a new feature. Today marks the arrival of “Church,” Henshaw’s latest soulful endeavor, the rare yet dangerous combination of a feel-good banger.

Naturally, the subject matter will speak to those of a religious background, who no doubt experienced Church services as part of their Sunday morning ritual. Vocally, Henshaw keeps the spirit alive, holding it down over a bouncy, radio-friendly instrumental. Dot and Venus round out the single with a verse apiece, bringing a welcome dose of character and charisma through a presence both vocal and animated. If you aren’t watching for these two, you oughta start reevaluating a few things. Peep the single now, and stay tuned for a big EarthGang announcement, arriving in the imminent future.

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G Herbo – Up It Free MP3 Download

G Herbo Takes Off On New Single “Up It” This is a street anthem.

G Herbo - Up It Free MP3 Download

About G Herbo – Up It:

Last month, G Herbo dropped off “My Baby,” a song for the ladies. Now, he has flipped the energy completely for his latest single. Several rappers are attempting to put their best foot forward in 2019, and Herbo is one of them. The new single features a bass-heavy instrumental that oftentimes drowns out Herbo’s raspy and excited vocals.

Herbo uses an eccentric flow that meanders off beat and crawls back into the pocket at random. “Up It” does knock though, and is a single for the streets. The Chi-Town representer brags about his lifestyle and makes threats against an invisible enemy as he drops bar after bar with electrifying effect.

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Elle Varner – Pour Me Free MP3 Download

Elle Varner Enlists Wale For “Pour Me” Pour it up.

Elle Varner - Pour Me Free MP3 Download

About Elle Varner – Pour Me:

Where has Elle Varner been? She dropped off a single in September entitled “Loving U Blind,” but that was her first song in years. After the release of “Loving U Blind,” fans began to speculate that Varner was coming through with a new album by year’s end. That album never appeared. Now, to kick off the New Year, Varner is back with another single. This time, she grabs Wale for a more hip-hop influenced jam called “Pour Me.”

As the name suggest, “Pour Me” is a single about drinking that leads Varner to think about a lover. Wale opens the song with a poetic verse, and comes back to conclude his thoughts near the end of the track. The instrumental for “Pour Me” is gorgeous, employing sweeping piano keys to give the song a classic vibe.

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Ariana Grande – 7 rings Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

Ariana Grande Is Mesmerizing In New Video For “7 Rings” Grande flexes it out.

Ariana Grande - 7 rings Free MP3 Download

About Ariana Grande – 7 rings:

Ariana Grande’s latest single was birthed on a drunken day in New York City. The gorgeous and talented singer told Billboard, “It was a… challenging fall day in New York. Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy. You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.” The seven rings inspired Grande to create “7 Rings,” which comes along with a new music video.

In the Hannah Lux Davis directed video, Grande flexes her body all over the kitchen as she throws a wild house party. Although there are several scenes filled with jovial partying, it’s hard to keep your eyes off Grande as she performs her own interpolation of the classic tune “My Favorite Things” from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music.

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Little Simz – Selfish Free MP3 Download

Little Simz Taps Cleo Sol For Smooth New Single “Selfish” Little Simz new project “GREY Area” drops in March.

Little Simz - Selfish Free MP3 Download

About Little Simz – Selfish:

Little Simz is one of the brightest stars out of the U.K. right now. Although she didn’t release a whole lot of music in 2018, everything she did drop was impactful. She released a few singles but maintained a low-profile for the most part as she worked on her new project. As she gears up to drop a new project in the coming months, she drops off her latest single, “Selfish.”

Little Simz is back with her new single off of her forthcoming project, GREY Area. Simz teams up with singer Cleo Sol who holds down the hook with her sultry vocals on “Selfish.” Simz released the single to coincide with the announcement of her new album which is due out on March 1st. The project is 10-tracks deep and includes the previously released singles, “Offence,” “Boss,” and “101FM” — all of which were released throughout 2018.

Download the new single and keep your eyes peeled for GREY Area.

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Clairmont The Second – Grip Free MP3 Download

Clairmont The Second Is Back With His New Single “Grip” Clairmont The Second kicks off the year with his new track, “Grip.”

Clairmont The Second - Grip Free MP3 Download

About Clairmont The Second – Grip:

It’s been over two weeks since we began 2019, but Clairmont The Second is gearing up for a major year ahead. The rapper released his last project, Lil Mont From The Ave over a year ago which introduced him to a wider audience. He’s currently gearing up to release the follow-up to Lil Mont in the coming weeks, but before that, he gives a taste of what to expect with his new single, “Grip.”

Clairmont The Second is back with his latest single, “Grip” which serves as the lead single off of his project, Do You Drive? The rapper’s latest single, which Clairmont The Second produced himself, has a more mellow vibe while Clairmont gives his fans an update on his life over the past year.

Keep your eyes peeled for Do You Drive? dropping on Jan. 31st.

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Euroz – Need My Wants Free MP3 Download

Euroz Keeps It Moving With Smooth “Need My Wants” Euroz laments with style.

Euroz - Need My Wants Free MP3 Download

About Euroz – Need My Wants:

Two years back, Euroz ended his run on a high note, dropping off the Two Birds One Stone album. For the most part, the project provided a welcome glimpse into his artistic versatility, focusing on the dual nature of his musical personality. While the man has a foothold on more melodic territory, he’s certainly no slouch at spitting bars. Today, Euroz has returned with a foray into the former, dropping off a new single called “Need My Wants,” set to arrive on his upcoming album For What It’s Worth.

The track finds Euroz taking to a low-key synth progression, lamenting over a relationship gone-left. While his words certainly speak to a hopeless romantic, Euroz makes sure to ensure his ex-lover that the Henny isn’t choosing his words, but rather, his heart. It’s not the flashiest offering, and one has to wonder what role it plays in the grand scheme of his upcoming album, but “Need My Wants” is a welcome addition to the expansive Euroz catalog. Peep the single now, and keep a watchful eye out for that new Euroz joint.

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