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    Vince Staples – Feels Like Summer Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Vince Staples & Ty Dolla Sign Turn Back The Clock On “Feels Like Summer” Vince Staples proves he can peddle summer vibes with the best of ’em.

    Vince Staples - Feels Like Summer Free MP3 Download

    About Vince Staples – Feels Like Summer:

    The main conceit behind Vince Staples incorporating running commentary from Big Boy’s Neighbourhood was to give the FM! a distinct LA radio feel. The album’s opening number begins with Big Boy talking up the summer tingle Californians feel 6 months out of the year.

    As Vince Staples contends, “cold weather won’t stop no gunner.” After being pigeon-holed a thinking man’s rapper, Vince Staples proved he could make the prototypical summer record better than anybody. What better way to put such an effort forward, than on duet with Ty Dolla $ign, a singer/rapper who’s made the sensation of summer his main selling point.

    A good number of the skits on FM! are going to leave Staples’ fans in stitches, wanting more. Even songs like “Feel Like Summer” are painstakingly short, so as to convey the curtness of broadband radio. DJs are often encouraged to do without “closing medleys” so they can keep their spiel going at a 2-minute ratio. How do you feel about “Feels Like Summer” and the rest of the FM! concept?

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    Troy Ave – Ice Cream Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Troy Ave Monitors His Drip On His Latest Single “Ice Cream” Troy Ave delivers his latest single “Ice Cream.”

    Troy Ave - Ice Cream Free MP3 Download

    About Troy Ave – Ice Cream:

    Troy Ave is impervious to pest control, the biggest concern to the New York City Council pre-Giuliani. The persistent rumors of his incarceration, his alleged snitching, have tarnished his record of employment in the eyes of rap consumer. Like Jay-Z before him, Troy Ave is an example of a rapper that came into the game sporting a hefty bag, but none of it earns him any merit points.

    On “Ice Cream,” Troy Ave sets the record straight, putting his naysayers into a proverbial highchair. Without going into specifics, Troy addresses the notion of being an informant as well the other alleged falsehoods that keep holding him back in the eyes of the public. He does, however, brag that public derision never keeps him from “reaching the bag.”

    He raps, “I’m a millionaire with a court case, I could Tay-K what my flows say” in reference to his much-publicized legal drama. Many of the legal stipulations in his case are far too complicated for the average person to (even) comprehend.

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    SadFaceThuggin – Money. Sit.Right Free MP3 Download

    SadFaceThuggin Goes Hard On “Money. Sit.Right” A different kind of anthem for the emotionless.

    SadFaceThuggin - Money. Sit.Right Free MP3 Download

    About SadFaceThuggin – Money. Sit.Right:

    SadFaceThuggin has beckoned a steady following with his two first official projects. Both his SADFACEdebut and his following ep, Emotionless – SADFACE II flaunt his melodic finesse with tracks gaining momentum through dulcet runs for hooks. The 18-year-old’s latest release showcases a sound that distinguishes itself from his collections of singsongy bops like “Sleepin With You,” introducing his fans to rougher side of his lyrical abilities.

    “Money.Sit.Right” has the Dallas artist roaring a money motto, a rhythmic repetition of the song’s title. The track is on the shorter end with SadFace’s vocals ending before the 2-minute mark. Still, the song is pertinent within his body of work as it captivates listeners with a different facet of the artist’s oral stylings.

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    Takeoff – Casper Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Takeoff Flies Under The Radar For The Very Last Time With “Casper” Takeoff’s “Casper” is a standout from his solo debut.

    Takeoff - Casper Free MP3 Download

    About Takeoff – Casper:

    The person we perceived to be an isolationist with a reserved demeanor is the same Takeoff that showed up on The Last Rocket. Takeoff’s debut is the type of worldbuilding experiment that isn’t based on social interaction, but a devout understanding of his own need for introversion. On “Casper,” the album’s 8th song, he does make like a ghost, when in fact you may have thought he was only referencing the practice of exiting a moving vehicle, or an appreciable Rolls Royce sitting pretty under umbrage.

    The need or demand for a solo Takeoff album was answered with veracity. Much of Migos’ early output was driven by Takeoff’s signature cadence, but when the group became a pop conglomerate, he sort of took a back seat. When Offset was imprisoned in 2013, it was Takeoff, not Quavo, that did most of the heavy lifting in his absence. “Casper” is essentially what it sets out to be: a prototype for future endeavors.

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    John Givez – I’M WORKIN’ Free MP3 Download

    John Givez Returns With “I’m Workin’. John Givez continues in his new direction.

    John Givez - I'M WORKIN' Free MP3 Download

    About John Givez – I’M WORKIN’:

    John Givez first made a name for himself as a member of the King Dreams Entertainment label, comfortably thriving in the Christian hip-Hop sector before announcing his departure both from the label and the subgenre last year.

    Since then, the San Diego-bred emcee has steadily been crafting a new lane for himself, now under the Interscope Records umbrella. As fans await his first full-length arrival since 2015’s Soul Rebel, Givez decided to break the silence by first coming through with his cookout-ready “2 Steppin” single earlier in the season where he thanks a special someone for bringing him out of his own darkness.

    Now, he doubles down with his latest “I’m Workin’,” featuring London’s Jay Prince, most likely the result of a recent trip across the pond. This time around, John calmly issues a message that reads, “do not disturb” as he works on his craft. Listen to it below.

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    NBA Youngboy – Blasian Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    NBA YoungBoy Issues New Song “Blasian. Listen to YoungBoy’s latest.

    NBA Youngboy - Blasian Free MP3 Download

    About NBA Youngboy – Blasian:

    NBA YoungBoy has dropped off a new track in the form of “Blasian,” and in true YoungBoy fashion, the cut has arrived without warning and only finds an official home on the Baton Rouge rapper’s YouTube channel at the moment.

    As the cut finds NBA YoungBoy waxing poetic about a particular lady of interest, “Blasian” is most likely directed toward his latest squeeze Yung Blasian.

    The couple’s relationship follows on the heels of the turbulent pair that NBA YoungBoy made with his ex-girlfriend Jania. The two’s relationship especially hit the spotlight when viral security footage revealed what seemed to be a violent altercation between the two in a hotel hallway shortly before the rapper’s arrest in Tallahassee earlier this year.

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    Jay Critch – Quicker Free MP3 Download + Lyrics

    Offset Joins Jay Critch In Wishing For “Quicker” Returns. Offset pops up on Jay Critch’s debut “Hood Favorite.”

    Jay Critch - Quicker Free MP3 Download

    About Jay Critch – Quicker:

    Jay Critch‘s debut Hood Favorite was thrown a myriad of setbacks before it could ever see the day, but finally, that day has come, and with it, a shiny collaboration with Migos’ member Offset titled “Quicker.”

    “Quicker” doesn’t surpass or dip below expectation. A lot of hope is being placed on his shoulders; the mantle of a torchbearer is his to bear. Jay’s introversion thrives outside state lines. Some cuts are driven by New Yor idealism, a distinguishable “Milly-Rock” gait or manner, but songs like “Quicker” see him transcend those barriers.

    The production for “Quicker” is managed by CashMoneyAP, a French producer that rose to prominence of the strength of his potent “type beats.” Before long, AP was laboring less on the fringe end of things, with high profile commissions lined up well into the future.

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    Ari Lennox – 40 Shades of Choke Free MP3 Download

    Ari Lennox Releases Her New Single “40 Shades Of Choke” Ari Lennox is back with her new single, “40 Shades Of Choke.”

    Ari Lennox - 40 Shades of Choke Free MP3 Download

    About Ari Lennox – 40 Shades of Choke:

    While the rest of the Dreamville camp has been putting in work throughout the year, we haven’t heard a whole lot from the label’s first lady, Ari Lennox. The singer only released her single, “Whipped Cream” earlier this year, but aside from that, we haven’t heard a whole lot of music. Thankfully, she came through today with some goodies. The singer dropped off two new singles including “40 Shades of Choke.”

    Produced by Melo-X, Ari Lennox drops off her new track, “40 Shades Of Choke.” The track was released alongside “Grampa” which was produced by Elite. The new single is a bit risqué but Lennox stays tasteful in the way she presents the song. Lennox delivers another soulful track and Melo-X’s production compliments Lennox voice incredibly well.

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    Ari Lennox – Grampa Free MP3 Download

    Ari Lennox Delivers Her New Track “Grampa” Ari Lennox drops off two tracks today including “Grampa.”

    Ari Lennox - Grampa Free MP3 Download

    About Ari Lennox – Grampa:

    The Dreamville camp quietly became one of the strongest labels in hip-hop and R&B this year. Each member of the label’s roster has dropped off fire this year. Cole released K.O.D, EarthGang released the Royalty EP, Cozz just dropped a joint effort with DJ Megan Ryte which followed the release of his debut album Effected and J.I.D is getting ready to drop DiCaprio 2. However, we haven’t heard much from Ari Lennox this year. After dropping “Whipped Cream” earlier this year, she returned with two new singles including “Grampa.”

    Ari Lennox makes her return with her single, “Grampa” which was released alongside another new single titled, “40 Shades Of Choke.” “Grampa,” produced by Elite, is a soulful single with live instrumentation that drives the emotion in her voice home.

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    Kodie Shane – End Like That Free MP3 Download

    Kodie Shane Transforms Into “Young HeartThrob” With “End Like That” “End Like That” is a highlight from Kodie Shane’s debut album.

    Kodie Shane - End Like That Free MP3 Download

    About Kodie Shane – End Like That:

    We’ve been expecting Kodie Shane‘s debut album for a minute at this point. The young artist revealed that she had taken a break due to her depression but she’s officially back. While we had to wait a few extra months, the Young HeartThrob has finally delivered her debut album.

    She first came up as part of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team but she’s now carving her own lane, going for a sound similar to artists like Tory Lanez. Kodie is one of the finest artists right now out of Atlanta and she’s been underappreciated for too long. Now is her time to shine and she’s doing it through her new album. “End Like That” is one of the better songs from the project as she rhymes over an original beat. What do you think of her latest effort?

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